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Opinion: The Yankees are facing elimination (again). But, we can't give up on them.

This feeling is familiar. 

BBBets Wild Card Series Day 2

Hello all and welcome to today’s Bronx Bomber Bets column. Today we are actually going to introduce a new layer to our bets, by adding a parlay to the column. For those of you who are newer to betting, a parlay is a combination of bets in which you need every single bet to hit in order to win the money. These kind of bets are very high-risk, high-reward which is why we usually like to use money line bets rather than run line. Because this is such a high risk, as you need every pick to win, the odds are often much higher than the odds for any single bet. Now that we’ve explained that, here are our bets for today:

Postseason 2020: The Clint Frazier Question

As of Monday evening, September 28th, the Yankees postseason roster has yet to be announced.Aaron Boone said that the Yankees had a “long and spirited” meeting to hammer out the postseason roster. They’re close.— Bryan Hoch (@BryanHoch) September 28, 2020 In spite of that fact, there are a number of “shoe-ins” among the squad.  Gerrit Cole, of course, is slated to pitch Game 1 of the Wild Card series.  Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton are off the injured list and ready to play.  Kyle Higashioka, Cole’s assumed personal catcher, will be behind the plate -- at least when Cole is pitching.  Of course, Luke Voit, who wasn’t even on the 2019 postseason roster, is hoping to continue his streak of dingers. 
But what about Clint Frazier?  It appears I’m not the only one asking the question… Will the Yankees start Brett Gardner over Clint Frazier in the playoffs?— Talkin' Yanks (@TalkinYanks) September 28, 2020 Frazier was not chosen for the postseason roster in…

New York Yankees Wild Card Series Roster

The Yankees announced their roster for the Wild Card series early on Tuesday, and Miguel Andujar was left off of it. Heading into the postseason, the INF/OF Andujar was the biggest question mark for the team, and whether he would be included on the roster or not. Instead, the Yankees decided in favor of having first baseman Mike Ford and third string catcher Erik Kratz on the bench. The third baseman and outfielder was hoping that a strong finish to the season could earn himself a spot on the roster, as he went 9-for-25 in September with four extra-base hits. However, it seems that the lefty bat of Ford (who went hitless at 0-for-19 in the final month of the season) gave him the advantage, as the team only has three lefty bats plus the switch-hitting Aaron Hicks on the roster, not including Ford.

The X-Factor Ace: It's Gerrit Cole's first postseason in Pinstripes

Gerrit Cole has played October baseball before. 

BBB Weighs In: Recapping the 2020 regular season and previewing the playoffs

With the postseason finally upon us, the writers at Bronx Bomber Ball weigh in on how they felt the 2020 regular season went, as well as give their thoughts on the playoffs which begin tonight in Cleveland.

BBBets 9/24

Welcome to day two of BBBets! Well, we had a less than stellar debut yesterday with the majority of our picks falling short.However, our highest unit bet – taking the Yankees/Jays over – did hit at 3u.The bad news? The Yankees got clobbered in a 14-1 embarrassment in Buffalo.If you bet the over, at least you were able to make some money in the face of a pathetic showing this close to the playoffs.BUT WE MOVE FORWARD.

Introducing Bronx Bomber Bets: BBBets 9/23

Welcome to our new gambling column at BBB, Bronx Bomber Bets. Here we will be giving out some of our favorite picks of the day and sharing them with our readers. Today, we are giving out 10 picks for all of you, so please enjoy, and bet responsibly. Now, we know that not all of our readers are big gamblers, if they are gamblers at all, so for the first week or so that we give out picks we will be explaining the odds and gambling terminology for anyone out there who is looking to learn about sports betting. Here are our picks:

Weekly Preview: NYY @ TOR 9/21 – 9/24; MIA @ NYY 9/25 – 9/27

Your attention please, ladies and gentlemen… after a rather depressing dry spell, it is fun to be a Yankees fan again in 2020. 

The Bombers just came off a ten-game winning streak, are locked in to complete their 28th winning season in a row and have clinched a postseason berth in the shortened 2020 season.  In spite of Sunday’s loss to the Boston Red Sox, they showed some fight in late innings in an attempted rally.  They swept the Toronto Blue Jays.  They set MLB records for most home runs hit in one game on consecutive days.  They came back from behind to beat the Red Sox in extra innings on Friday.  They’ve made such a comeback to the point that losing on Sunday did not hurt their playoff chances. 
But there’s still something to play for in the upcoming regular season games. With one week to go, the Yankees sit 3.5 games behind the Rays for the division lead. With playoff rankings and home field advantage at stake, the Yankees will return to Buffalo, where they fell from grace the l…