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A song for Andrew Miller

Nothing says goodnight like the sight of 10 foot double doors opening wide, while a bass drum violently thumps through the Yankee stadium speakers with raging guitar riffs cutting through the roar of the crowd. On the sunniest of days, a voice summons the darkness to enter and the light to exit. This all sets the tone for the man who jogs to his stage to perform the final act of the day. His body language is that of a stone. There are no interpretations to his calculated moves, only execution. Ninety feet away stands his adversary. By now the crescendo at full peak, he starts to wonder how he can prevent intimidation from becoming a factor. But alas, it is too late, for the Sandman has put him to sleep.

Bronx Bomber Bulletin (5/31)

You may remember back on April 14th we brought to you the first “Bronx Bomber Bulletin” stating it would become a weekly article. However, it has clearly been a long week since that last (and only) one was written but it is back! Although the team is struggling a bit, there are plenty of bright spots in addition to negatives where change is needed. With that, let’s take a look at where the Yankees stand right now.

All Star Ballot Update #VoteYankees

This morning, Tuesday, May 26, the first All-Star ballot update was released. To the dismay of Yankee fans like myself, no Yankee would be voted on if the voting ended today. As a matter of fact, no Yankee position player is even in second at their particular position. The top voted players include Miguel Cabrera (1B), Jose Altuve (2B), Nelson Cruz (DH) and 5 (FIVE) Kansas City Royals players which are Salvador Perez (C), Mike Moustakas (3B), Alcides Escobar (SS), Lorenzo Cain (OF) and Alex Gordon (OF). The final man making up the 9 man roster is Mike Trout (OF) who is second in votes amongst outfielders.

Interestingly enough, Salvador Perez is the top overall vote getting with 1,447,753. A few Yankees in the mix at their position include Mark Teixeira who is third amongst first basemen, Brian McCann who is a close fourth in the catching race, Alex Rodriguez who is third in the DH category and Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner and Carlos Beltran who sit seventh, twelfth and thirteenth, r…

Yankees Swept in Weekend Series Vs. Rangers (Recaps)

The Yankees came into this weekend series with the Texas Rangers reeling having lost seven of their previous eight games. In desperate need of a turnaround, a bit of optimism filled the air as the Yankees would have their chance at piecing together a couple wins against a less than stellar Rangers team. Unfortunately, the struggles continued as the Yankees were swept in disappointing fashion.

The Pink Elephant in the Room that is A-Rod

The Yankees as of late have been going through a rough patch of late but if there is any good news to come out of it is that they are still in first place in the American League East. As they stumbled through the first few weeks of the season, looking for the offense to put it together, the unlikeliest of sparks is what carried the team to the wins they recorded. Yes, some people's favorite Yankee and some people's most hated Yankee, Alex Rodriguez. At this point in his career as a Yankee, he has been able to eliminate the indifference in fans. Meaning you either like him, or you hate him but there is no in between. Say what you want about Alex, but you have got to respect what he has brought to the table.

Yankees swept in short series with Nationals (Recap)

The Yankees came into this short two game series with the Nationals reeling having lost five of their previous six games. Just the team’s luck, they then got to go up against one of the league’s hottest teams in the Washington Nationals. Continuing to frustrate, the Yankees were unable to win either of the two matchups with the Nationals.

Ellsbury down, Heathcott Up

In addition to tonight's loss, the Yankees were faced with even more bad news in that their star outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury would be headed to the 15-day disabled list. In a questionable injury as far as the magnitude of it, the Yankees have been incredibly private with this disclosing it as a "right knee injury."

It's Time: Stephen Drew Must Go

It has been a pretty hot topic across the Yankees twitterverse and fan base and that is the curious case of 2B Stephen Drew. After coming off a dreadful season in 2014 where he failed to crack the Mendoza Line of a .200 batting average, this season hasn't been any better. It is nearly the same story but it's a different year and that is why change is not only inevitable, but necessary immediately.

Yankees struggling (recaps), what's next?

Well Yankees fans, it’s been a while since we’ve written and the team has been slumping to say the least dropping 5 of their last 7 games. Clearly, something has to give, so the team is likely to shave their mustaches, thus, no longer being the #stachesquad and we will write more in hope of reversing the team’s play. We’ll briefly take you through the team’s last 7 games and give you a brief write up of what is coming up for the Yanks.

Implications of Chris Martin’s DL Stint Down the Road

So Yankee fans, I am sure that you’ve heard the recent news that Chris Martin is headed to the 15-day disabled list with right elbow tendonitis. This comes at an incredibly interesting time for the 28 year old in his first season with the club. However, it is quite possible that this injury may end up leading to a myriad of possibilities down the road for the team.

Why You Should Buy Jorge Posada's Book

By: Nick Scott

I won't lie, I'm a bit heated. I am writing this article in direct response to one of the most ignorant posts I've seen by a Yankee fan on Twitter. I won't name names or directly quote anything, but the post essentially said they hoped Jorge Posada doesn't sell any copies of his newly published book.

If you consider yourself a Yankee fan, you're as confused and outraged as I am. Apparently the person in question didn't like the fact that the book mentions Posada's unhappiness with how Joe Girardi handled him at the end of his career. Jorge notes that he felt mishandled and that he wasn't always told the truth towards the end of his career and these comments shouldn't be controversial to anyone in the least bit.

How Sweep It Is? Yankees Choose Broom as Weapon of Choice for the Boston Massacre

The New York Yankees came into the weekend series with archrival on Yawnkee Way, the Boston Red Sox coming fresh off of taking two of the three from both the New York Mets and the Tampa Bay Rays. As baseball’s hottest team, the Bombers left Boston following Sunday’s win with three more victories than they had coming into Friday, as they completed the Boston Massacre sweeping the Sox.