A song for Andrew Miller

Nothing says goodnight like the sight of 10 foot double doors opening wide, while a bass drum violently thumps through the Yankee stadium speakers with raging guitar riffs cutting through the roar of the crowd. On the sunniest of days, a voice summons the darkness to enter and the light to exit. This all sets the tone for the man who jogs to his stage to perform the final act of the day. His body language is that of a stone. There are no interpretations to his calculated moves, only execution. Ninety feet away stands his adversary. By now the crescendo at full peak, he starts to wonder how he can prevent intimidation from becoming a factor. But alas, it is too late, for the Sandman has put him to sleep.

Metallica's "Enter the Sandman" has permanently been linked to Yankee Stadium and to Mariano Rivera. It has served for many years as a notice to everyone within ears reach that the end was near. As Mariano retired and the Yankees began their search for next of kin, there has emerged what seems to be a worthy candidate.

On May the 8th, Joe Girardi finally named Andrew Miller as the closer for the Yankees. That it took so long only attributes to Giardi's conservative ways but Miller sure did plenty of convincing with his performances thus far. In his young Yankee career he has already broken Mariano Rivera's record for most saves in the first 20 games of the season. To this point, he owns a 0.81 ERA, with 35 strike outs and 15 saves in 15 opportunities through 22.1 innings pitched.

If you want to talk about the non statistical aspect of the game, Andrew seems to have that "it" factor unlike when Goose Gossage came over from the Pirates in 1978, Andrew doesn't seem to be bothered by the bright lights and high expectations. He has gone on the record saying he feels he could pitch at this level and in big situations. He has certainly been tested and thus far has backed up his every word.

The only thing that remains now is to determine what song is suitable for him to jog down to. We all know when it's time to close a game; its Miller time. But as he fluidly takes the reigns of the closer position, he will need a song that shows the baseball world that it's Miller's time. Any suggestions?

Article by: Danny Valentin
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