A-Rod's Bonus

Number thirteen, for the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez. What is there to say for a diehard Yankees fan to say about A-Rod? That is when you disregard and ignore the giant scandal that has plagued his name and the Yankees name for what seems like years?

How about the $6-million marketing bonus for tying Willie Mays for fourth place on the career home run list with a whopping 660 home runs? Back in 2007 when A-Rod signed his controversial 10-year $275-million contract with the Yankees there was also a separate deal, a deal that some Yankee fans have forgotten about with all of the controversy surrounding the name “Alex Rodriguez” a deal that states the New York Yankees will pay A-Rod $6 million for five milestone accomplishments within fifteen days. Now the New York Yankees do not want to pay A-Rod his $6 million and according to Brian Cashman “We have the right, but not the obligation to do something, and that’s it, we’re going to honor our responsibilities of the contract.”

Why would the Yankees not want to pay the $6 million? Because of his suspension last year, now A-Rods feats are no longer marketable; they are no longer feats that the baseball community would celebrate like they would have a few years ago. In the contract the Yankees are required to “act in good faith” they can claim that because A-Rod did not act in good faith when he got suspended it voids the bonuses. There are no t-shirts or memorabilia for A-Rods feat like there were in 2011 when Derek Jeter hit his 3,000 hit. Collectors have even stated that his home-run ball has little to no value.

However I believe that there is a solution that is staring everyone in the face, a solution that can help bring back the good name of the New York Yankees, a solution that would help boost A-Rods name. a solution that would show why Americans love the sport of baseball. The New York Yankees should donate the $6 million to a charity in Alex Rodriguez’s name. The donation would make every party look good, boost morale in the Yankee fan base, and of course help whichever charity the Yankees and A-Rod agree on. The Yankees could easily afford a $6 million donation and A-Rod could definitely go without $6 million and not be hurting. It is a simple solution for every party involved and no one comes out of it looking like a bad guy like the Yankees would if they did not pay A-Rod no matter their reasoning.

Article by: Kelsey Franklin
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