A Yankee Mystery

We are not even at the half way point of the season and I already feel like the Yankees are running out of time. I get the sense that soon enough another team from the AL east will figure things out and sprint ahead. Speaking of figuring things out, these Yankees have been harder to solve than Chinese Algebra. We might have a better chance of finding out why the Cardinals hacked into the Astros system before we solve the 2015 Yankee riddle. How I wish the FBI was involved in our dilemma as well.
We have had times when the Yankees have looked unbeatable, defeating teams in convincing fashion. But then there are those times where you shake your head and wonder where all the MOJO went. Maybe John Sterling is right. Maybe we really can't predict baseball. The Yankees lead the Major Leagues with 71 first inning runs, which means if they were playing by little league rules they would be on easy street. Break out the cider!

It's not like we could say they need more pitching. With Ivan Nova back, there is sure to be a clutter in the rotation. There have been talks of going with a 6 man instead of the traditional 5 man set but we all saw what extra rest did to Michael Pineda. Despite his performance against the Phillies, the last thing you want to do is disrupt such artistry.

In conversation with the rest of the writers from this blog, Chad brought up the idea of moving Eovaldi to the pen. I thought it was a great idea. Mainly because 1 to 2 innings of him is all I could stomach anyway. But Chad did bring up some great points on how Eovaldi's stuff might translate better in a short role.

Who else misses Jacoby Ellsbury? I'm not sure he is the end all be all of this team but he sure brought some extra flavor to the mix. It seemed like every time I turned back to the YES channel after commercial breaks he was always on base. The Yankees had a record of 22-18 while Jacoby was active as opposed to 16-14 with him on the disabled list. Although on paper it doesn't show much of any difference, at this point anything is better than having Carlos Beltran play defense. Every time I see him out there I get these images in my mind of Robinson Cano running to first base. My hope is that with the addition of Jacoby it will somehow lead to the omission of Beltran on the field. The underwhelming contributions of Beltran, Gregorious, and Drew have killed many rally chants and left many men on base but is there lack of production the true bottom line in this mystery?
I cannot comfortably project what's left for the Yankees this season. Sometimes they are Bronx Bombers and sometimes they are being bombed in the Bronx. It's felt like riding on the passenger seat of a student driver. Interpret that as you may but my head hurts from hitting the dashboard. Can somebody tell me how we are getting to the post season? Would you shuffle the deck, make a trade or hope for the best?

Article by: Danny Valentin
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Eovaldi Photo via http://nypost.com/2015/03/23/nathan-eovaldis-spring-focus-to-stop-hit-parade/
Beltran Photo Via http://stevewill.sportsblog.com/posts/1837573/2015_yankees_outlook_right_field.html


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