The Eovaldi Experiment

I have never been a fan of the idea of bringing in a National League pitcher over to the American League. Throughout the years my opinion behind this at times has been proved to be without merit. But I've also had plenty of "I told you so" moments. It takes plenty for me to be comfortable with seeing a National league pitcher taking the mound for my favorite team. I can't quite decide if it's because of the pride I have for the American League or the fact that I feel the National League will always face a weaker line up due to the fact that there is no designated hitter. Regardless of how I feel, or you for that matter, facts are facts. Why don't we throw the advanced math to the side for a while and look at some cold numbers.
Let's be honest, Nathan Eovaldi is a reclamation project in motion. After the success Cashman had last year with McCarthy and Rogers, he felt empowered to once again take his head out from under the sand. Miami couldn't figure out which way to turn the rubix cube and was glad someone was willing to take him off their hands, and so I cringed.....

What else are we to do but be optimistic? He's on our team now. As long as he kept us in the game, pitched through the 6th inning, I'll keep my fingers crossed that maybe he could just give up 4 runs. Maybe he could even get a few strike outs because they are sexy. Much like many things in life, if you entertain a thought long enough you begin to accept it. Thankfully the Miami Marlins didn't just slap around Eovaldi during his last start. They slapped reality into those who were willing to accept it. Let's take a look.

Nathan Eovaldi as of this writing has pitched 13 excruciating games. Though I have not been able to account for all the hours he has taken from our lives, I do know he has pitched 70.1 innings. That is a delightful rate of about 5 innings per game for which he has generously given up 8 home runs. It gets better. He has allowed 97 hits, 19 walks and has hit 2 batters which equals a lot of activity on the bases – 118 men on base to be exact.
I'm no mathematician and in case you are not either, let me put it in terms we could all understand. If Billy has 1,000 candy bars and he eats 950, what stage of diabetes does he have?

The tough pill to swallow in all this is that since this is Cashman's baby, he will try to give Eovaldi every opportunity to vindicate him. Don't believe me? Ask Didi Gregorious. We might as well crown him the winner of the 2015 Joe Girardi "it's not what you want" award. We are in for plenty of long suffering. Don't pretend like you are not loading up your Netflix queue in preparation for his starts. I only ask that you read this first and laugh a little.

Article by: Danny Valentin
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