The Perfect Redemption Story is Missing a Conclusion

The Yankees honored an unlikely candidate for the player of the month award for May. This player clobbered six home runs and drove in 14 in May while hitting .316 and slugging .571 with a .941 OPS. This player followed his acceptance with a 2-for-4 game, a home run and collected two RBI. I would have never imagined this player winning anything, or being successful one bit this season. Who is this player? Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod went from being the bum of New York to writing an epic redemption story all in one half of a baseball season. Turning 40 in a few weeks, no one expected the slugger to rejuvenate his performance of old. Many, including myself, thought the season long suspension was a knockout punch to a slated career. The question that still remains is: Where do we go from here?

In recent years, his career has been filled with hate, criticism, disgrace, humiliation and any other word to describe what arose from his shameful conduct with performance enhancing drugs. But, he is performing as good as ever, almost like a rejuvenated career.

Treated like an outlaw, Rodriguez is reaching milestones, carrying a team, and performing like a player that would gain the acceptance of crowds everywhere. He surpassed the best all-around player in the game (Willie Mays) on the home run list and has continued to produce. Just recently he reached the 3,000 hit milestone that would usually ensure a ticket into the Hall of Fame. At this rate, other milestones are in the future. For Yankee fans, this is something to cheer about, but what about the rest of Major League Baseball?

Unlike other offenders like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, and many more, A-Rod is still playing. The only time we hear and talk about the other offenders is when it’s time to induct new members into Cooperstown. A-Rod is the only violator of that list who is going out every day and working hard to redeem himself.

Rodriguez’s work ethic is incredible. His appreciation for fans is incomparable. He is a leader in the clubhouse. I also believe he is a class act in handling the Yankees’ refusal to pay the $6 million milestone bonus. A-Rod is a natural talent and is playing with class (right now).

Alex’s performance seems like the perfect redemption story, but I still want to witness one thing. A live apology to the fans of baseball, his teammates and the rest, Major League Baseball, and the players union. If he can do this, he deserves all the accolades, milestone bonuses, and a ticket to Cooperstown.

Article By: Christian Kouroupakis
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