Which Yankees Will be All Stars?

The Queen City of Cincinnati, Ohio will play host to the 2015 MLB All Star game in a little over a month. The first place Yankees should be well represented at this year’s midsummer classic.  Gone now are the core four who would regularly make the All Star team year after year but that doesn’t mean the Yanks lack any star power. Let’s take a look at some possible Yankee All Stars.

  1. Andrew Miller. The best closer in all of baseball currently is without a doubt going to be making his first career All Star appearance. Miller was lights out last year as he split time between Boston and Baltimore before signing a four-year deal with the Yankees this offseason. His 6’7 frame and downright filthy arsenal of pitches makes him a intimidating figure on the mound. Miller is 0-1 with a 1.04 ERA and 17 for 17 in save opportunities. Once the game hits the 9th inning the Yankees have all but won the game with their Star closer on the bump. Don’t worry Andrew, we all have forgotten about Ryan Zimmerman’s cheap opposite field long ball a few weeks back. We’ll see you in Cincy.
  2. Dellin Betances. Everything I said about the game being over once Miller comes on for the 9th rings true for the 8th as well. Once the starters do their job they hand it off to the hard throwing righty from Brooklyn, Dellin Betances. At 6’8 he is even a more intimidating factor than the afore mentioned Miller. Betances this year has been virtually unhittable posting a record of 4-0 with a ERA of 0.29! THAT IS NOT A TYPO. The Yankees undoubtedly have the best late inning combination in baseball. This is such a luxury to have because it basically shortens the game to seven innings. One thing for sure is the Yankees pitching towers at the back end of their bullpen will be Cincinnati this July.
  3. Mark Teixeira. The normally slow starting Teixeira was anything but slow to start this year. A torrid April got the Yankees slugger off to his best start in years. While Tex’s average isn’t where we would all like it to be his power is back. Showing no signing of the nagging wrist injury Teixeira has made John Sterling say “You’re on the Mark, Teixeira” a total of 17 times this year. To go along with those 17 long balls Tex has driven in 45 runs all while playing his usual stellar defense at first. The Yankees are most likely going to be sending their first baseman to Cincy this summer and I’m sure Tex is glad to be back in the All Star festivities.
  4. Alex Rodriguez. I’d be stunned if anyone thought that after a year off of baseball A-Rod would be back in contention to make the all star team. However he has hit at .280 with 11 A-bombs and 28 driven in. That is fairly all star worthy in my mind but out of the four guys I have listed here he is certainly the least likely option. A-Rod’s real value though has come from the consistency that he has provided to the Yankee lineup. It’s hard to imagine the Yanks would be where they are without Rodriguez’s performance so far this year. If we see Alex in Cincy in a month does that truly mean that baseball can #FORG1V3?
  5. Honorable Mention: This has to go to Jacoby Ellsbury. In my opinion Ellsbury is the Yanks best all around player and was playing excellent up until his injury. Being that he has been out for such a long period of time it is safe to say there will be no spot on the team for him. However his play up until his injury was certainly all star worthy.
  6. Dishonorable Mention: Esmil Rogers, please show yourself out sir!

In case anyone was wondering as of now my AL All Star Starters are as followed.

C: S. Perez (KC)
1B: M. Cabrera (DET)
2B: J. Altuve (HOU)
3B: J. Donaldson (TOR)
SS: X. Bogaerts (BOS)
LF: H. Ramirez (BOS)
CF: A. Jones (BAL)
RF: M. Trout (LAA)
DH: N.  Cruz (SEA)

By: Matt Cote
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