2nd half Breakaway

The Yankees have been running on muddy waters all year yet they are at a nose's length from finishing the first half of the season in first place. Coming off of an unconventional off season by their standards, they decided that instead of going for the high priced free agents, they would incorporate a new formula.

Relying on run prevention they decided to seek the services of those who can pick it with the glove instead of rake it with the bat. A sure change in philosophy when considering these are the Bronx Bombers we are talking about. But with the recent failure of reaching the post season for a second consecutive year, perhaps a fresh new look would be best. Couple that with the promising pitching of last season and you have a formula that though Yankees fans may not be acquainted with, they could sure feel optimistic about.

Although they were correct on one part of the formula, the hitting, it seems as though what was supposed to bring optimism is what is bringing concerns. Brian Cashman stated that the hitting would be better in 2015 and that it is. The Yankees rank 2nd in total runs scored with 393 behind Toronto. Additionally they have been able to be effective against the aces of the league which will work to their advantage should they make the playoffs. In order to reach the playoffs however, there are two parts of the formula that need to be worked on.

The Yankees are currently tied at 11th place for worst team ERA in the Majors at 3.97. With the argument of Betances and Miller being one of the most devastating duos in the Majors we know the issue is not with the back end of the games. It is difficult at this point to pick a definitive ace of the staff. At one point or another we have seen brilliance or melt downs. The one thing we have failed to see is consistency. If the Yankees can find a way to put together some quality starts on a consistent basis, together with their offense it can surely create a gap in the standings.

Call it the passing of a baton or the jump of a hurdle but there is a task that the team must collectively and consciously look to improve. As of this writing the Yankees rank 7th in the Majors for most errors with 58 which is more than 1 error per Yankee loss. With the pitching being the way it has been it only magnifies the severity of this issue. Surrendering 33 runs due to errors shows that the very root of this new formula needs some addressing.

Just as alarming is the fact that 2B, SS and 3B account for more than half of the total Yankees errors with 36. Knowing the fact that they were brought over to these positions primarily to defend makes me wonder if a closer evaluation will be made for potential upgrades. Especially since their lack of defense is not being compensated with offense. From 2B they are receiving a batting average of .187. From SS they are receiving an average of .241 and from 3B they are receiving an average of .237.

The potential for a playoff run is definitely alive. You do not need a background in Algebra to know that this formula can work but with this horse race being far from over, the Yankees will need to make some modifications in order to get there true result.

Stats provided by ESPN.com

Article by: Danny Valentin
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