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Corey Kluber is the ace the Yankees need

Corey Kluber is the difference maker and impact arm the Yankees need atop their rotation.  In 2017 and 2018, Yankee fans wished ace-like status on Luis Severino, but his inconsistencies have left him just short of owning the name.  Kluber, 32, has been the definition of consistent for the Cleveland Indians, winning 18+ games four out of the last five years and winning 20 games in 2018 for the first time in his career. Kluber has posted an ERA below 3.50 every season since 2014, and has struck out at least 220 hitters in the same span. Kluber keeps getting better, and is not showing any signs of regression. Kluber is an ace, the ace the Yankees need.

Are The Yankees Getting Their Money’s Worth From Their Players?

One of my personal favorite baseball websites I like to go on sometimes is FanGraphs. FanGraphs not only gives you so many stats you don’t know where to begin, but can also give you future projections for any player. One of my favorite parts of FanGraphs is when you scroll all the way down on a player’s profile it has a section called value and it gives you an estimate on how much a player has been worth during the season. Not only does it give you the value of a player for every season they’ve played, it also gives you their actual salary to see if they’ve been playing to what they’re getting paid.

For this article I thought I would show the comparisons to see how much the Yankees are getting their money’s worth (All value salaries are based off of a player’s WAR and the WAR is converted to a dollar scale based on what a player would make in free agency).

Player              Value (In Millions)                  Actual Salary (In Millions)
Brett Gardner                       $21.0                                     $12.0
Alex Rodriguez                      $20.9                                     $21.0
Mark Teixeira                        $20.6                                     $22.5
Jacoby Ellsbury                      $8.1                                       $21.1
Brian McCann                       $17.5                                     $17.0
Chase Headley                      $10.7                                     $13.0
Carlos Beltran                       $0.9                                       $15.0
Didi Gregorious                    $10.2                                     $0.55
Stephen Drew                      $1.4                                        $5.0
Michael Pineda                    $24.1                                      $2.1
Masahiro Tanaka                 $8.2                                       $22.0
Ivan Nova                            $1.8                                       $3.3
CC Sabathia                          $5.6                                        $23.0
Nathan Eovaldi                    $16.6                                      $3.3
Dellin Betances                    $16.4                                       $0.5
Andrew Miller                      $7.1                                         $9.0
John Ryan Murphy              $2.9                                         $0.51
Brendan Ryan                      $1.1                                         $2.0
Chris Young                          $11.2                                       $2.5
Chasen Shreve                    $5.4                                          $0.51
Justin Wilson                        $5.6                                         $0.5
Adam Warren                      $9.8                                         $0.57
TOTALS                                $227.1                                    $196.94
Now obviously the actual contracts don’t include the incentives that can be earned, but out of the main players this season the team overall is worth more than what they’re getting paid. Granted all the pre-arbitration players are the main reason for that, but still good to see. All we can hope now is that at the end of the season we’re in the same situation.

Article by: Julian Bussells
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