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Bullpen and defense fail Yankees late, Red Sox seize division title in 11-6 win

After taking the first two games of their series against the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees sought to complete the sweep on Thursday and prevent the Red Sox from celebrating a division title at Yankee Stadium. As is usually the case between these two teams, Thursday’s game was a back and forth contest but the Red Sox ultimately prevailed 11-6 and will be leaving New York as the AL East champs.

Troy Tulowitzki to the Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays have executed an armageddon like move of biblical proportions. They have drawn a line in the sand with the acquisition of one Latroy Hawkins. Without fail, every time I have seen him pitch, it was to give up a lead or crush any hope of rallying back. Thus why I gave him the nickname Latrine Hawkins. This is one heck of a reclamation project for the Jays!

But seriously folks, Tulowitzki just landed in the AL East. While the Yankees win series after series and pad their lead in the East en route to the playoffs, the Blue Jays' midnight power move at least guarantees that they will go down fighting. The Rockies in return will get Jose Reyes, 20 year old Miguel Castro and two other prostpects.


Though this was a phenomenal move by the Blue Jays, it hardly strikes fear. The future does indeed look brighter for them but unless they can find some pitching before the deadline it will be another playoff-less year. The Rockies on the other hand are rumored to be trying to swing Reyes in another trade. Looks like Colorado's general manager has been watching too many house flipping programs on the home channel. With his heavy salary and diminished play, I'm not sure any one would touch Reyes with a nuclear suit on. There is no doubt who won this trade.


Should the Yankees feel compelled to make a trade now that Toronto made such an improvement?


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