Crunching Numbers on Yankees Performance in July & Yankee Leaders in Major Statistical Categories

I’ve always been a numbers person, so I thought I’d dig into the box scores of all the Yankees games from July and compile both the overall batting and pitching statistics. At the bottom were categories in which a Yankee had top-5 standing in all of the MLB. All statistics were found as is on ESPN or were calculated by myself.

Record in July: 18-8
Record in Games decided by 3 runs or less: 11-4
Record in Games when they scored 5 runs or more: 13-1
Record in Games when they allowed 5 runs or more: 6-5
Record at Home: 9-3
Record Away: 9-5

BATTING (Minimum: 30 at-bats)
At-Bats: 829 (Leader: Mark Teixeira, 87)
Runs: 133 (Leader: Alex Rodriguez, 19)
Hits: 228 (Leader: Chase Headley, 30)
Batting Average: .275 (Leader: Chase Headley, .370)
On-Base Percentage: .344 (Leader: Mark Teixeira, .422)
Slugging: .473 (Leader: Mark Teixeira, .724)
OPS: .817 (Leader: Mark Teixeira, 1.146)
Doubles: 50 (Leader: Chris Young, 8)
Triples: 3 (Co-Leaders: Jacoby Ellsbury, Brendan Ryan, and Didi Gregorius; each with 1)
Home Runs: 36 (Co-Leaders: Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez, 9)
Extra Base Hits: 89 (Leader: Mark Teixeira, 16)
At Bats/HR: 23.0 (Leader: Alex Rodriguez, 9.3)
Walk to Strikeout Ratio (BB/K): 0.49 (Leader: Carlos Beltran, 0.83)
RBIs: 126 (Leader: Mark Teixeira, 19)
Walks: 84 (Leader: Brett Gardner, 16)
Strikeouts: 172 (Leader: Alex Rodriguez, 22)
Stolen Bases: 3 (Co-Leaders: Chris Young, Mark Teixeira, Didi Gregorius; each with 1)

PITCHING (Minimum for Certain stats = 4 starts for Starter & 9 appearances for relievers)
# of Different Pitchers Used: 17 (Most Appearances - Leader: Dellin Betances, 14)
Runs Allowed: 96
Earned Runs Allowed: 89 (Starter: Michael Pineda, 10; Reliever: Chasen Shreve & Justin Wilson, 2)
Earned Run Average: 3.70 (Starter: Nathan Eovaldi, 3.09; Reliever: Dellin Betances, 1.69)
WHIP: 1.20 (Starter: Masahiro Tanaka, 0.99; Reliever: Dellin Betances, 0.86)
Saves: 8 (Leader: Andrew Miller, 6)
Holds: 16 (Co-Leaders: Dellin Betances & Justin Wilson, 5)
Innings Pitched: 216.2 (Starter: Nathan Eovaldi, 35.0; Reliever: Dellin Betances, 16.1)
Home Runs Allowed: 26 (Starters with Most: CC Sabathia & Masahiro Tanaka, 5; Relievers with Most: Dellin Betances & Andrew Miller, 2)
Walks: 66 (Starter with Fewest: Michael Pineda, 3; Starter with Most: Nathan Eovaldi, 11)
Strikeouts: 191 (Starter with Most: Masahiro Tanaka, 28; Reliever with Most: Dellin Betances, 25)
Strikeouts/9 IP: 7.93 (Starter with Highest: Michael Pineda, 7.82; Reliever with Highest: Dellin Betances, 13.78)

Yankees in the Top of Major Statistics in the League (Overall):
Runs: Brett Gardner, 72 (4th in the AL and MLB)
Home Runs: Mark Teixeira, 29 (T-3rd in the AL and MLB)
RBIs: Mark Teixeira, 74 (2nd in the AL, 4th in the MLB)
Slugging Percentage: Mark Teixeira, .585 (2nd in the AL, 4th in the MLB)
At-Bats/HR: Mark Teixeira, 11.8 (2nd in the AL, 3rd in the MLB)
Wins for Pitcher: Nathan Eovaldi, 11 (T-4th in the AL, T-6th in the MLB)
Saves: Andrew Miller, 23 (T-5th in the AL, T-13th in the MLB)
ERA (Minimum of 40 IP): Dellin Betances, 1.32 (2nd in the AL, 4th in the MLB)
WHIP (Minimum of 40 IP): Dellin Betances, 0.82 (2nd in the AL, 4th in the MLB)
Wins Above Replacement (Must be a Reliever): Dellin Betances, 2.5 (1st in the AL & MLB)
Strikeouts/9 IP (Minimum of 40 IP): Dellin Betances, 14.32 (1st in the AL, 2nd in the MLB)
Strikeouts/Walk (Minimum of 100 IP): Michael Pineda, 7.80 (1st in the AL, 2nd in the MLB)

The Yankees have played really well in the American League East and currently hold a 6-game lead. Hopefully they will ride their excellent play into August and September and win the division. The Yankees are hitting and pitching better than ever this year. Go Yankees!

Article by: Bryan Peng
Twitter: @BPeng1111

Blog Twitter: @BronxBomberBlog


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