The Time is Now for Rob Refsnyder

After being swept by the Blue Jays this weekend, the Yankees are now 2-7 against their AL East rival this season.  The funny thing is the 2-7 record is not the worst part. Yankees EVERDAY second baseman Stephen Drew is 3-for-24 against the Blue Jays this season. Let me repeat that DREW IS 3-for-24.
Am I missing something here because with a batting average of .125 against a division rival, who the Yankees have to play 10 more times this season, and with a season average of a whopping .192 I think every Yankees fan could agree IT IS TIME TO GET RID OF STEPHEN DREW. I have had enough.

In Drew’s last 30 games, he is 16-for-78 with two home runs. The excuse that Drew has been hitting home runs and shows great power can no longer be used and if the Yankees want to make a playoff run they need to make a change at second base. They have needed to make a change at second for the past 3 months, but now with a 1.5 game lead coming into the dog days of August it is an absolute necessity.

The Yankees in my opinion need to call back up Triple-A second baseman Rob Refsnyder. Refsnyder is hitting .282 with eight homers and 47 runs batted in. Refsnyder also has 23 doubles and 10 stolen bases.

After being called up in mid-July, Refsnyder started in four games for the Yankees and had two hits, one of them leaving the yard over the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

I don’t think four games is enough to see what Refsnyder can do. 94 games on the other hand is more than enough games and Drew hasn’t produced. I hate to tell Joe Girardi but Drew really isn’t going to come around. He is not going to hit over .210 and I have seen pitchers in the nine spot this year produce more than Drew has. Giants ace Madison Bumgarner is hitting .234. I understand he only has 47 at-bats but is an interesting stat to think about.

Bottom line is the time is now to bring up Refsnyder. The Yankees have no reason not to bring him up and see what he can do. After all it cannot be worse than Stephen Drew.

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