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The Yankees 2016 P.R. Scenario

Everyone knows the Yankees have a public relations problem year in and year out. They’re the Yankees, they should. Having a franchise worth 3.2 billion dollars and a city like New York, it’s bound to happen. Add in the great ingredient of winning tradition with high ticket prices, the cherry is on top. Simply, it really is playoffs or bust, and to some, World Series or bust. This year, there are multiple public relation issues I am interested to see how the Yankees handle.

A Much Needed Bronx Hiro

Earlier today, some of the Bronx Bomber Blogger writers were discussing the state of the Yankees pitching rotation. As the newest member of the BBB, I was asking questions, getting the feel for everyone's opinion on the team and baseball in general. I came to conclusion that they kept saying a word I had previously been saying to describe the Yankees rotation. "If."

The Case of Roy White

One of the greatest parts of being a New York Yankee fan is the history and tradition surrounding it. There really isn't anything like it in all of sports, never mind just in baseball. Monument Park is a great way to explain how most Yankee fans feel and how most non-Yankee fans feel about the Yankees. You'll hear the non-Yankees fans say "There are too many retired numbers!" or "Is Luis Sojo going to have his number retired too?!" It is really just a fun debate to have, as in my opinion, everyone in Monument Park is deserving of having a place. Now, there are some Yankee players not enshrined in Monument Park. I could go on and on about underrated Yankees. Today though, I wanted to focus on one that had a big role with the 1970's Bronx Zoo teams. His name? Roy White.

Five keys to a successful 2016

Being trapped inside for the last two days due to the snowstorm that pounded the entire eastern seaboard has only enhanced my desire for the return of baseball season. Considering all indications from ownership point to the Yankees being done for the most part as far as additions are concerned, I felt as if now would be a prompt time to make some early predictions about the 2016 season. As I look at the Yankees team as currently comprised, I'm feeling the same sense of uncertainty as I did at this point last season. A successful 2016 season is contingent on production from players who are either old, injury prone, or in some cases, a combination of both. Normally, this would seem to be a recipe for disaster, however I'm going to try the optimistic route. Below, are what I view as the five keys to a successful 2016. In my view, each of the five are equally important. Unfortunately, the Yankees need a lot to go right in order for them to return to the postseason. Having one post…

BBB Update: Top Prospect Countdown Coming Soon

Hey everyone. I just wanted to give everyone a quick update with what is upcoming on the Bronx Bomber Blog. First off, a few members of our team including myself (Chad Raines), Julian Bussells, Sammy Criscitello, Phil Akre and James Grande are working vigorously to come out with the BBB's first edition of the top prospect countdown. We’ve been working and conducting research through the weekend in hopes of getting our collaborative list together today. Therefore, this project will publically begin sometime this week. Our plan is to start with honorable mentions of those who just missed the cut, then write brief summaries on our top 30 prospects. We will start at number 30 and work our way down all the way to the top prospect in the organization daily to stay tuned with that.
Now is the time where we shift our focus on speculation about the offseason to previewing the 2016 season. With pitchers and catchers reporting in less than a month, this is an exciting time for baseball fans a…

How the Yankees Stack up vs. Division Foes

About a year ago I wrote an article comparing the Yankees to their four division rivals at each position. Due to that article receiving good feedback I have decided to do the same. We know how 2015 ended, the Yankees made the play in game and were dominated by Houston Astros ace Dallas Keuchel. The Yankees went into the offseason at a bit of a crossroads. They addressed some issues and made drastic improvements while other needs have been left untouched by Yankees ownership.

Yankees 2009 World Series Champions Movie

We haven't posted anything on here in quite a while, but articles will be flying in during the next couple weeks before Spring Training. Tonight, I'm reminiscing the good ole days as I'm watching the 2009 Yankees World Series Championship movie. Below, I've embedded the video and you can watch it straight from here! Enjoy!

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Why Yankees should consider moving Eovaldi to the bullpen

Perhaps one of the most intriguing starting pitchers coming into the 2015 season was newly acquired RHP Nathan Eovaldi from the Miami Marlins last offseason. The hard throwing 25-year old righty led the Yankees with 14 wins before going on the disabled list in September. What alarms most Yankee fans about Eovaldi’s 2015 campaign was how well opponents hit against him. In 154.1 innings pitched, “Nasty Nate” surrendered 175 hits, one year removed from leading the league in hits allowed with 223 in 2014. He finished 2015 going 14-3 with a 4.20 ERA and an inadequate WHIP of nearly 1.50.