BBB Top Prospect Countdown #24: Ty Hensley

Right-hander Ty Hensley has been through a lot in his time with the Yankees organization. Since falling into the lap of the Yankees and being drafted 30th overall in 2012, Hensley has endured quite a bit of tough luck. This tough luck has not prevented him from putting up strong numbers, but he has yet to get past low single-A with the Staten Island Yankees as he has only thrown in 42.1 innings to this point.
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Hensley burst onto the scene and was pitching well if the Gulf Coast League Yankees in 2012 pitching to a 3.00 ERA in four starts. That offseason, Hensley suffered an abdominal strain while pitching in the Dominican Republic and that was only the beginning of his injury woes. During spring training of 2013, Hensley was diagnosed with a hip impingement which required surgery to repair both of his hip labrums. This caused his to miss the entire 2013 season.

Hensley would return in 2014 to make 10 starts between the Gulf Coast Yankees and the Staten Island Yankees. Between the two, Hensley pitched 30.1 innings with an ERA of 2.97. He posted an impressive 40/11 strikeout to walk ratio. In January of 2015, Hensley was brutally attacked by a former NFL player in which injuries left his face mangled. Still, he vowed to return strong for the 2015 season.

But again in spring training of 2015, Hensley began feeling more discomfort and was forced to see a doctor. He was diagnosed with what no pitcher wants to hear: a torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in the elbow. This injury requires Tommy John Surgery so Hensley went back to the cutting board and missed all of 2015.

Of all the prospects in the Yankees farm system, one could make the case that Hensley has been through the most. With all his injuries, he is still regarded as a talented prospect at just age 22. Still, he hasn’t reached the upper levels of the minor leagues yet but will look to do just that if he can stay healthy in 2016.

He will likely start in the lower levels of the Yankees farm system, perhaps in Tampa, but if Hensley can stay healthy, expect him to go through levels of the minors quickly. And if Hensley fails to stay healthy, he may become another “what could have been” prospect in Yankee Land.

You can view his minor league statistics here.
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