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Aaron's 2016 New York Yankees Starters Projections

Although the Yankees finally made it back to the postseason in 2015, they were abruptly eliminated in the Wild Card round which left Yankee fans disappointed. With exactly one week until Opening Day, I wanted to give you my projections for the 2016 New York Yankees lineup and rotation. The Yankees success will ultimately be determined by how healthy they can be over the course of the season. It will be interesting to see whether veterans like A-Rod, Teixeira, Beltran and Ellsbury can consistently produce over the next six or seven months. The acquisitions of both Starlin Castro and Aaron Hicks help add depth and stability in the lineup. The pitching rotation is a big question mark, but thanks to an improved bullpen the Yankees should be able to shorten ballgames and salvage a few more wins. Without further ado, here are my 2016 projections: Photo Via NY Daily News  

BBB Fantasy League: Draft Recap

Below is the fantasy draft results from the BBB's fantasy draft for those interested. We have a 12 team league which is comprised of all of the writers here at the BBB . We held the draft Sunday, March 20th. The link to the fantasy league if you would like to view it is at the bottom of this page.

Why the Yankees Should Target Mike Olt

As we have known for some time, the Yankees don’t have a legitimate backup for Chase Headley at third base. Not only is there no backup, there is no legitimate candidate for the starting third base job in AAA. The White Sox just recently released former first round pick Mike Olt and here is why the Yankees should pick him up. Photo Via ESPN

The Yankees/Red Sox Rivalry from Both Ends of the Spectrum

There aren’t many times you get to hear both ends of this rivalries spectrum in one article, but alas, you have a Yankees and a Red Sox fan willing to share our most riveting experiences – both good and bad. We're unique at the BBB, as we are a group of Yankee fans writing about the organization, but we happen to have one Red Sox fan who graciously writes for us. Even though the two sides will never get along, for the most part, and never share the same outlook on things, we do agree on one particular thing: we all are a part of the best rivalry in sports. And the stories and experiences that come with the best rivalry in sports range from walk-off winners, to fights and sometimes outbidding the other team for a lucrative free agent. Yankees versus Red Sox. There's nothing better. Photo Via jZTours

BBB Top Prospect Countdown: Official Breakdown

Now that our prospect list is officially finished, I decided to release the official breakdown of our prospect rankings by our writers. Here, you can see the exact breakdown and discrepancies between writers. Which writer do you think has the best prospect list? Leave us your feedback, and enjoy!

Aroldis Chapman Suspended for Crime He Wasn't Even Charged With

This week the MLB decided to hand out its first ever domestic violence suspension (30 games) to Yankee closer Aroldis Chapman, despite the fact he was never found guilty or even charged with domestic violence. Before I continue I want to qualify this article by saying domestic violence is a heinous crime and I do not condone it or excuse it in the slightest. This is a rightfully touchy subject and needs to be tread upon carefully . However, it seems more than a little unfair that Major League Baseball chose to suspend Chapman for a crime that, in the eyes of the law, he did not commit. Via CBS Sports By now we've all heard the details of the case that occurred on October 30, 2015. Police were called to Chapman's Miami home where Chapman's girlfriend claimed that he had choked her and that he had discharged nine rounds from a firearm in his garage. If all this is true, then yes, Chapman deserves to be suspended without question. However, the

BBB Top Prospect Countdown #1: Aaron Judge

He’s the Yankees first round pick in the 2013 Amateur Draft out of Fresno State. He’s an outfielder in the Yankees farm system. He stands at 6’7”, and he weighs 275 pounds. He’s one of the most intimidating players in minor league baseball. He has a strong arm, and is a huge power bat. He also wears #99 in Scranton. His name is Aaron Judge, and he’s the Yankees top prospect. Photo Via Today's Knuckleball

BBB Top Prospect Countdown #2: Jorge Mateo

Signed out of the Dominican Republic at the youthful age of 16 in January of 2012 for $225,000, shortstop Jorge Mateo has seen his value skyrocket since turning pro. The speedster who has been graded out by scouts to have a speed rating of 80 on the 20-80 scale has become one of the most dynamic prospects across baseball and is now being touted as a franchise shortstop once he makes it to the major leagues. Mateo, 20, has already become a household name amongst Yankee prospects in YankeeLand and his performance has earned him a non-roster spring training invite, where he has a chance to display his skills against major leaguers alike this spring. Photo Via