Carlos Beltran’s trade value has dramatically increased

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After signing Carlos Beltran to a three-year deal worth $45 million, many people across baseball began to question the move. And through the first year and a half of that deal, it seemed as though Beltran was another one of the dreaded overpaid Yankee veterans. Now in the final year of the deal, Beltran has been the indisputable best player on this underwhelming New York Yankees squad. With his current batting average of .272, OPS of .850, 15 homers, and 38 RBI (pacing for 43 home runs and 108 RBI), Beltran is not only strengthening his Hall of Fame case, but his trade value.

Included in Beltran’s contract was a limited no-trade clause, meaning he could block trades to 15, or half, of the MLB teams. According to a report from ESPN’s Buster Olney, a few of the teams that Beltran can be dealt to without his consent include potential buyers such as the Indians, Nationals, Royals, Cardinals, Tigers, and Dodgers. This is just a few of the larger market clubs Beltran would not be opposed to playing for. More than likely, a team that expresses interest in Beltran will be a club going all-in to win the World Series in 2016.

What makes Beltran such a valuable trade asset is his bat, making him more appealing to American League ball clubs in search of a designated hitter. At age 39, he does not move very well in the outfield, albeit he is a sure-handed defender (if he can get to the ball) which also makes him potentially serviceable for a National League club desperately looking for his performance at the plate to overshadow his mediocre defense. 

The Yankees aren’t going to be able to haul in a lot of value prospects for the aging slugger, but his ability to switch-hit as well as hit in the clutch and in the postseason (he’s the all-time postseason leader in OPS at 1.115 with 16 home runs) is something that is incredibly appealing to teams looking to make a postseason run, and could warrant a C+ to B level prospect.

Although much of the Yankee success this season has ridden on the shoulders of Beltran – who may be in the last year of his career – Brian Cashman and company are surely listening to inquires for him. And the Yankees should be receiving many calls on him. Olney also reports that Beltran should be not only one of the most sought after outfielders, but one of the most sought after hitters in the market at the deadline.

For Yankee fans alike, the hope is that Beltran continues producing at his current rate. He’s putting together an All-Star caliber season, and the better he performs, the greater the return for a guy who could end up being a two-month rental before retiring for whoever acquires the Yankee outfielder. Beltran has accomplished many feats and reached impressive milestones in his career building up a Hall of Fame worthy resumé, but the one thing he is lacking, is a World Championship ring. If (and probably, when) he is traded, he will have as good an opportunity as any to pursue that final mission.

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