Will the highest bidder please stand up? (Updated)

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Let me just say this first and foremost the Yankees should sell. Sell sell sell sell! As of right now, they sit with a record of 28-30 with three far better teams in front of them in the division. After years and years of dominance the Yankees just haven’t been the same. They missed the playoffs in 2013 and 2014 and were eliminated by Dallas Keuchel and the Astros in the play in game last year.

The victory over the Angels two nights ago was huge. The Yankees showed that they have fire in their stomachs and didn’t roll over and die. It’s commendable and was a pleasant surprise and I’m also pretty sure Brian McCann’s solo blast hasn’t landed yet. But let’s pump the breaks here for a minute. Haven’t we seen this before?

The Yankees will have a key win or two and then go on to lose three of four. They haven’t been able to sustain any success besides the six game win streak in May. Even then contrary to the claims of the famous JJ from Barstool Sports, the Yankees were never back. They climbed to .500 only to fall back down to mediocrity. Even with the fairly easy schedule the Yankees have over the next two weeks it is difficult to see them Surpassing Toronto, Boston and Baltimore. This brings me to my main point, the Yankees need to sell.

Carlos Beltran, bye, Brett Gardner, see ya, Aroldis Chapman, adios amigo, and Jacoby Ellsbury and Chase Headley if someone is feeling overly idiotic take them too. Throw last night's starter Michael Pineda in that conversation as well. All of these players could bring back some value that could help the future of this team, because it’s time to plan for 2017 because 2016 isn’t going to be pretty.

There’s been talk of Brian McCann being dealt but he and Andrew Miller are two guys I would absolutely hold on to. I don’t trust Gary Sanchez or Austin Romine behind the plate for a full season and Andrew Miller is far and away the Yankees best reliever and should without a doubt be their closer.  McCann and Miller would hold a lot of value to competing teams but they can be integral parts of the Yankees future.

The only prospect I wouldn’t trade is Jorge Mateo; the kid is a superstar in the making. I like Aaron Judge a lot but trading him to add a piece for the future should be on the table. Trading prospects usually means buying, which contradicts the point of the Yankees selling but both moves are intended to help the future. The Yankees need to shed salary and get rid of dead weight but also need to add value. If the core of the team going into 2017 is Miller, McCann, Starlin Castro, Masahiro Tanaka, a healthy Greg Bird and Dellin Betances then the possibilities are endless. More than likely they’ll be stuck with Jacoby Ellsbury but most teams have that one egregious deal on their payroll. I truly think the Yankees have a bright future and will be successful but on June 8, 2016 they need to come to the realization that 2016 isn’t their year.

Article by: Matt Cote
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  1. McCann would be at the top of my list. .220 hitter and does not bother to try to block pitches in the dirt - backhands, often missing. All for only $17 MM per year. He certainly is not a building block.

  2. We're better when Romine catches. Judge can't even hit AAA pitching; typical over-hyped Yank prospect. Refsnyder is a disaster defensively and is hitting .185. Can't catch a popup.

  3. They need a full Braves tear-down and rebuild. Gardner would bring back a good young player, ditto Chapman as a high leverage rental. Beltran likely a B prospect as well. That's a good start. Miller would bring back a near Kimbrel haul and they should do it, as the Yankees 2017 looks a lot like 2016 seeings as they really don't have a lot of talent.


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