2016 MLB Draft - Complete list of Yankee selections

In the midst of climbing back above .500, the New York Yankees have also been focusing on the 2016 MLB Draft. Below are all the selections the Yankees made in this year’s draft (with overall pick number in parentheses):

Rounds 1-10
Round 1 (18): OF Blake Rutherford, Chaminade Prep HS

Picture Credit: Scott Kurtz/Student Sports

Round 2 (62): 2B Nick Solak, Louisville

Picture Credit: Mike Weaver/The Courier-Journal

Round 3 (98): RHP Nolan Martinez, Culver City HS
Round 4 (128): RHP Nick Nelson, Gulf Coast Community College
Round 5 (158): CF Dom Thompson-Williams, South Carolina
Round 6 (188): RHP Brooks Kriske, USC
Round 7 (218): C Keith Skinner, University of North Florida
Round 8 (248): 1B Dalton Blaser, Cal State Fullerton
Round 9 (278): 1B Tim Lynch, University of Southern Mississippi
Round 10 (308): LHP Trevor Lane, University of Illinois at Chicago

Rounds 11-20
Round 11 (338): LHP Connor Jones, Georgia
Round 12 (368): RHP Taylor Widener, South Carolina
Round 13 (398): RHP Brian Trieglaff, TCU
Round 14 (428): CF Jordan Scott, IMG Academy (HS)
Round 15 (458): LHP Tony Hernandez, Monroe Community College
Round 16 (488): RHP Zach Linginfelter, Sevier County HS
Round 17 (518): 3B Mandy Alvarez, Eastern Kentucky
Round 18 (548): RHP Greg Weissert, Fordham
Round 19 (578): CF Evan Alexander, Hebron HS
Round 20 (608): RHP Miles Chambers, Cal State Fullerton

Rounds 21-30
Round 21 (638): CF Timothy Robinson, USC
Round 22 (668): RHP Blair Henley, Arlington Heights HS
Round 23 (698): RHP Braden Bristo, Louisiana Tech
Round 24 (728): LF Joe Burton, Harford CC
Round 25 (758): CF Edel Luaces (No school listed)
Round 26 (788): RHP Gage Burland, Gonzaga
Round 27 (818): LHP Phillip Diehl, Louisiana Tech
Round 28 (848): RHP William Jones, Lander University
Round 29 (878): RHP Bo Weiss, Regis Jesuit HS
Round 30 (908): LF Ben Ruta, Wagner College

Rounds 31-40
Round 31 (938): LHP Miles Sandum, Granite Hills HS
Round 32 (968): RHP Juan Cabrera, North Canyon HS
Round 33 (998): OF Bryson Bowman, Western Carolina University
Round 34 (1028): C DC Clawson, Dana Hills HS
Round 35 (1058): RHP Zack Hess, Liberty Christian Academy (HS)
Round 36 (1088): LHP Tyler Honahan, SUNY Stony Brook
Round 37 (1118): CF Corey Dempster, USC
Round 38 (1148): C Sam Ferri, Notre Dame College Prep (HS)
Round 39 (1178): RHP Brian Keller, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Round 40 (1208): RHP Nate Brown, Arrowhead Union HS

Best of luck to all forty players picked here, and good luck to all of them, regardless of whether or not they choose to play (or continue to play) college baseball, don’t sign with the Yankees, or sign with the Yankees and enter into the Yankees organization!

Article by: Bryan Peng
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