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BBB Reacts: Yankees' disappointing end to the 2018 season

Well, it's been just about a week now since the Boston Red Sox eliminated the Yankees from playoff contention and we've all had some time to stew on it.  Obviously not the ending any of us wanted and made even more painful due to the fact that it was our arch-rivals who put the nail in the coffin.Some of our contributors weigh in below about how this season ended, what to make of it all, and where the Yankees go from here heading into 2019.

Yankees should pump the brakes on the Nathan Eovaldi trade talks

Due to Nathan Eovaldi’s recent struggles, the timing of this article is horrible. However, rumors have been circulating around the league that numerous teams have interest in the Yankee right-hander. If the Yankees even entertain talks with another team about trading for Eovaldi, it would be one of the dumbest decisions Brian Cashman ever made.
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Anyone that has watched Eovaldi on a regular basis knows this guy has front of the rotation stuff.  With an electric fastball consistently reaching above 95 MPH and a devastating split that he recently added to his arsenal, the Yankees have something that other teams would love to have. Eovaldi and Tanaka pose one of the most formable one-two punches at the top of the rotation in the league.  

Before going down last year with elbow inflammation, Eovaldi posed a 14-3 record with an ERA of 4.20. Although his ERA seems to always be above four, as previously stated, Eovaldi’s stuff is too good for the Yankees to give up on him. The twenty-six year older has also shown dominance this year. In his last seven games he has a 5-0 record with a 3.67 ERA with 35 strikeouts. He currently has the most wins in the rotation with six.

I doubt the Yankees organization wants to feel the same way the Baltimore Orioles are feeling with the Jake Arietta situation. The Orioles gave up on Arietta and sent him to Chicago believing he had too many issues to be in their rotation. It’s clear to see the Orioles made the wrong decision as Arietta has turned out to be one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. I’m by no means saying that the same thing would happen if Eovaldi leaves the Yankees, but a trade could come back to haunt them as Eovaldi seems to be improving every year. 

Article by: Mavin Saunders
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