Gary Sanchez, the next New York Yankees superstar

It wasn’t fair for the Yankees to lose 12-6 to the Toronto Blue Jays the other night. It wasn’t fair for a night that saw their 23-year-old catcher smack two home runs. After driving in four RBI’s in six innings, the game was put into a rain delay. And, well, we all know how the rest of the game panned out.

Of course, he came right back the next day and put one over the centerfield wall in his first at-bat.

Julie Jacobson - AP Photo

But, if there is one bright spot to pull away from such a tough loss, it’s that Gary Sanchez continues to prove he is legit. The kid has power. Four of his last five home runs have gone at least 415 feet. Insane. We really shouldn’t be this surprised, though. Sanchez has been a hyped up prospect for years now. By putting together a .282/.339/.468 slash line in AAA this year, the Yankees knew it was time to see if he could handle the big leagues. So far, he hasn’t just handled it, he’s dominated it.

In 50 at-bats, the righty has a .360 average with three doubles, five home runs, and 11 RBI’s. Of course, it’s a small sample size, but it’s incredibly encouraging to see that he hasn’t been affected by the jump from the minors to the bigs. Behind the plate, he’s looked calm, cool, and mature. His years of improving his work ethic in the minors looks as if it’s already paid off big time.

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Manager Joe Girardi recently said that Sanchez will be the regular catcher for the rest of the season, while Brian McCann will assume the DH role. For Sanchez, it’s time for him to lock up his starting job next year. As for McCann, it’s becoming clear that his time as a Yankee is winding down.

It’s just the next step in the continuation of the Yankees youth movement. It’s become must-watch TV. They’ve brought excitement to a once stagnant team. We all knew this kid had a future, potentially an all-star one. But now, we’re getting a taste of what he brings to the table.

And the best part is, this is just the beginning.

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