BBB 2017 Top Prospect Countdown #21: Jordan Montgomery

Each year as Spring Training creeps up on us, we wonder whom the dark horses are to make the 25-man roster and even contribute at a high level. Well, now that we’ve arrived at our 21st rated prospect, I personally think Jordan Montgomery could be that guy. If you’ve taken any notes over the past couple seasons, especially 2016, you’d recognize somebody whose become a complete pitcher. A pitcher that might be ready to make an impact if given the opportunity.
Photo Credit: Cheryl Pursell | Pinstriped Prospects

Montgomery was a fourth-round pick in the 2014 draft, so he’s moved through the ranks fairly quickly. He ended 2016 at Triple-A where he dominated any opposing lineup thrown at him. Before his masterful six-game stint at Triple-A, Montgomery was good, but not great.

He has always shown flashes as to why he was taken in the fourth-round, and those flashes make you wonder how he’s only ranked 21st in one singular farm system and not 21st in all of baseball.

Montgomery was always known for being a polished pitcher, controlling the strike zone but not overpowering anyone with his fastball that normally sat at 90-92 MPH. That was until he came into the 2016 campaign pumping his heater at 94 consistently. That, amongst other things, helped him take his biggest leap as a professional.

His 2016 campaign was spent between Double-A and Triple-A as I noted earlier and his numbers at both levels were excellent. He ended the year with a 2.13 ERA in 139.1 innings over 25 starts. The 25 starts are key because the sample size, although it wasn’t against much major league talent, was still very telling.


A few of us here at the BBB have talked ad nauseam about how the Yankees have needed another left-handed starting pitcher since last season. As much as they’ve addressed a lot of holes we’ve had, they didn’t fix this very one we continue talking about.

Although I think Montgomery is a long shot to win a starting job and likely will begin 2017 at Triple-A, nobody has yet to stamp his name into the fourth and fifth rotation spots. There are a few guys definitely ahead of him, but as we saw Ronald Torreyes steal a roster spot last year when nobody expected it, Montgomery might be able to do the same.

Article by: James Grande 


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