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Three things the Yankees need to acquire in the offseason that aren’t Manny Machado

The speculation started during the regular season, even prior to his trade from the Baltimore Orioles to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Where would Manny Machado go upon his free agency at the end of the 2018 regular season? And, with that, which teams would be knocking on his door?
No sooner did the Yankees’ regular season come to a close after their fated ending in the American League Division Series, the talks of Machado coming to the Bronx took off as though pushed by a speeding 4 Train behind Yankee Stadium. The truth of the matter is that the rumors started even prior to Machado’s free agency being on the horizon -- they started at the trade deadline.

BBB 2017 Top Prospect Countdown #21: Jordan Montgomery

Each year as Spring Training creeps up on us, we wonder whom the dark horses are to make the 25-man roster and even contribute at a high level. Well, now that we’ve arrived at our 21st rated prospect, I personally think Jordan Montgomery could be that guy. If you’ve taken any notes over the past couple seasons, especially 2016, you’d recognize somebody whose become a complete pitcher. A pitcher that might be ready to make an impact if given the opportunity.
Photo Credit: Cheryl Pursell | Pinstriped Prospects

Montgomery was a fourth-round pick in the 2014 draft, so he’s moved through the ranks fairly quickly. He ended 2016 at Triple-A where he dominated any opposing lineup thrown at him. Before his masterful six-game stint at Triple-A, Montgomery was good, but not great.

He has always shown flashes as to why he was taken in the fourth-round, and those flashes make you wonder how he’s only ranked 21st in one singular farm system and not 21st in all of baseball.

Montgomery was always known for being a polished pitcher, controlling the strike zone but not overpowering anyone with his fastball that normally sat at 90-92 MPH. That was until he came into the 2016 campaign pumping his heater at 94 consistently. That, amongst other things, helped him take his biggest leap as a professional.

His 2016 campaign was spent between Double-A and Triple-A as I noted earlier and his numbers at both levels were excellent. He ended the year with a 2.13 ERA in 139.1 innings over 25 starts. The 25 starts are key because the sample size, although it wasn’t against much major league talent, was still very telling.


A few of us here at the BBB have talked ad nauseam about how the Yankees have needed another left-handed starting pitcher since last season. As much as they’ve addressed a lot of holes we’ve had, they didn’t fix this very one we continue talking about.

Although I think Montgomery is a long shot to win a starting job and likely will begin 2017 at Triple-A, nobody has yet to stamp his name into the fourth and fifth rotation spots. There are a few guys definitely ahead of him, but as we saw Ronald Torreyes steal a roster spot last year when nobody expected it, Montgomery might be able to do the same.

Article by: James Grande