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2018 Pinstripe Preview: Neil Walker

After going through much of the offseason unsigned, the Yankees swooped in and signed versatile infielder Neil Walker to a one-year deal worth $4-million. Despite signing the 32-year-old veteran to a big league deal, Walker is expected to begin the season coming off the bench, and he should see time at second, third, and first base with the Bronx Bombers. Now with his fourth big league club, Walker will make to look an impact on an otherwise youthful Yankee team.

Fallouts from the Dellin Betances arbitration ruling

This past Saturday, the Yankees arbitration hearing with Dellin Betances was completed, with the arbiter ultimately ruling in favor of the Yankees, granting Betances a $3 million salary for 2017, not the $5 million he was seeking.
Photo Credit: Charles Wenzelberg

Many will (correctly) argue that Dellin is worth more than the $3 million salary he will be paid out this season, but you also have to consider the system that both parties were working under. 

In terms of Major League Baseball salaries, NJ.com’s Randy Miller has astutely noted that service time is the #1 factor.  Yes, Betances has been one of Major League Baseball’s best relief pitchers over the past three seasons, but this was only his first run through the arbitration process.  He is also, technically speaking, a non-closer.  All these factors went into the decision that was made.  Whether we agree with the ruling or not, Betances was given a fair shake.

Of course, the biggest issue here wasn’t the decision that was made, rather the fact that Yankees President decided to unload on Betances and his representatives at Excel Sports Management after the fact. 

In the following video, fellow BBB writer Matt Graziano and I dig into the issue a little further, discussing what exactly happened between the two sides and why, Betances’ value to the Yankees, as well as what Betances’ future with the Yankees looks like.

Article by: Andrew Natalizio
Video credit: Matt Graziano