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Pinstriped glory, the greatest moments in Yankee history part four: The ’98 Yankees’ magnificent season

There are a few things about the Yankees that I’m very stubborn about, things that no matter how hard you debate with me I’ll just never change my mind on. For instance, Joe DiMaggio is the greatest baseball player the world has ever seen, if I ever have a son, I want him to grow up to be the man Lou Gehrig was, and the 1927 team is the greatest that baseball will ever see. However, while I am of the mindset the ’27 team is the greatest, there will never be a season more impressive than 1998. The team won 114 games in the regular season while losing only 48. They won the AL East by a mind boggling 22 games and went 11-2 in the playoffs sweeping the San Diego Padres in the World Series for the club’s 24th overall championship. Their win total regular season and postseason combined was 125 which is still a major league record to this day.

Pinstripe Preview: Giovanny Gallegos

After a rough start to his professional career from 2012-2014, something clicked for Giovanny Gallegos. He’s posted a sub-2 ERA in both of his last two seasons, which include 27 games at Triple-A. Gallegos, now 25, is in fact on the Yankees 40-man roster and could be someone to keep your eye on during spring training that could potentially win a spot in the Yankees bullpen.
Photo Credit: Cheryl Pursell

2016 Review

Gallegos has a big arm and 2016 was his best showcase yet. He started his campaign at Double-A Trenton and mowed down every opponent he faced to the tune of a 1.09 ERA. Not only was he notching out after out, he was recording them at an ultra high clip, punching out 53 batters in 33 innings. He was then moved up to Triple-A where the success didn’t stop. He again punched out 53 batters in 45 innings while posting a 1.40 ERA.

Something Gallegos has shown the ability to do is throw multiple innings each time he takes the mound. In 42 appearances last year, Gallegos averaged nearly two-innings per outing as he threw 78 in total. That versatility plus dominance will play well in any major league bullpen.

2017 Outlook

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are spots to be won in the Yankees bullpen. Despite zero major league experience, the big arm coupled with the pure dominance in 2016 have to bode well for Gallegos. What could and ultimately might be his downfall is the fact that other guys he’s competing with pitched in the bigs just last season.

All that being said, we’ve seen this movie before with Joe Girardi. If you have a great spring, your chances of making the team seemingly triple. Just last year both Ronald Torreyes and Johnny Barbato made the team out of no where thanks to impressive spring trainings. I’m not going to give an opinion on whether or not he makes it out of camp or not, but either way, we will see Giovanny Gallegos at some point in 2017.

Article by: James Grande