All Rise: "The Judge’s Chambers" is exactly what the Yankees needed, and here's all you need to know about it

Yankee rookie phenomenon, Aaron Judge was not even sure if he was going to make the roster out of Spring Training, after a dismal call up late last season. Fifteen home runs later, he is a rising major league star and became even more iconic today. A night after Judge made one of the greatest catches by a Yankee right fielder in a long time, the Yankees unveiled a new section in section 104 in right field, right behind where Judge plays, called "The Judge’s Chambers."
Photo Credit: Ben Walker | AP
There are three rows of seats surrounded by wood paneling that resemble a court room with a stand above the seats that has “The Judge’s Chambers” written across it.

Aaron Judge has had fan-made fan sections throughout the season, where people would show up to the ballpark dressed in judiciary attire and powdered wigs. Even on the road, judges could be spotted among the home team’s fans. The Yankees decided to take it a step further and built a designated section, while the Yankees were on their previous road trip.

Fans cannot buy tickets to "The Judge’s Chambers." Instead sections in the stadium will be chosen to sit in the newly section. Fans sporting Judge jerseys and t-shirts will likely have a better shot at getting picked. Once the group of fans is chosen, they will be given Styrofoam gavels, which they can keep, and robes, which remain in the stadium, to further show off their Aaron Judge pride, while in the chamber.
Chris O'Meara | AP
Other than the famous bleacher creatures, the Yankees have not recently had an organized fan section. Other fan sections in baseball similar to "The Judge’s Chambers" are the "King’s Court" in Seattle for Felix Hernandez and "Mannywood" in Los Angeles, when Manny Ramirez played for the Dodgers.

This type of fan and player interaction is exactly what the Yankees need and is a continuation in the efforts to get fan attendance back up to what it used to be for the previous Yankees dynasty.  The 2017 Yankees, in general, are more exciting and electric than the previous teams in recent years. The mix of young dynamic players and gritty veterans on the team are attracting fans and wanting them to get more involved in the team.

The Yankees have been lacking a face of a franchise ever since Derek Jeter retired and Aaron Judge may be the heir to the former captain. Judge’s new fan section should further enhance his rising reputation and give Yankees fans another source of entertainment and reason to want to attend games. It also illustrates how dedicated the Yankees are to their players and that they’re going all in with their young studs.

Article by: Ryan Thoms



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