Bronx Bombers impress in Home Run Derby as Gary Sanchez takes down defending champ, and Aaron Judge takes the crown (RECAP)

There was a lot of hype surrounding this year's MLB Home Run Derby in Miami for the New York Yankees. With Gary Sanchez set to face off against the defending champ Giancarlo Stanton in the first round and Aaron Judge looking like the clear favorite, all eyes were on the Bronx Bombers. After pulling a major first round upset, Sanchez was unable to advance to the finals, but Judge stole the show as he cruised to victory as the winner of the Home Run Derby.
Photo Credit: Anthony J. Causi
Each round is bracket style, single elimination and four minutes long. The clock starts on the first pitch and each pitcher following can’t be thrown until the previous pitch lands. Any pitches thrown before the clock hits zero will count. Batters get one 45 second timeout in each of the first two rounds and get a 45 second and a 30 second timeout in the final round.

If a batter hits two home runs of at least 440 feet during their regulation time, they are awarded 30 seconds of bonus time. Any ties will be decided by a 60 second swing off. Any subsequent ties after that will be decided by a best of three swings swing off. 

Round 1
      (1) Giancarlo Stanton: 16            Longest: 496
(8) Gary Sanchez: 17 (W)              Longest: 483
There was plenty of hype for the reigning champion heading into this matchup. Gary Sanchez has kind of faded into the background of the first half of this season with all of the Judge hype and the Logan Morrison drama but Gary put on a show of his own and reminded everyone of last fall. It wasn’t looking good for Giancarlo midway through his time but he went on a tear like very few players can after his timeout to make it close. Gary was able to hold on though and move on.   

(4) Mike Moustakas: 10              Longest: 442
(5) Miguel Sano: 11 (W)              Longest: 470

(3) Cody Bellinger: 15 (W)         Longest: 446
(6) Charlie Blackmon: 14           Longest: 434

(7) Justin Bour: 22                      Longest: 464
(2) Aaron Judge: 23 (W)            Longest: 501

No words I can type here can do this matchup justice. Bour went first and put on quite a show. Yankees fans were definitely panicking watching Bour put up such a big number but Judge came through yet again. Judge launched sent home runs out to left and right using his smooth swing and easy going manner. The highlight was definitely his 501 ft moonshot directly over the Marlin Home Run Sculpture in left center field.
Photo Credit: Gary Sanchez

Round 2
    (8) Gary Sanchez: 10                    Longest: 485
    (5) Miguel Sano: 11 (W)               Longest: 491

Gary hit a few more bombs in this round but he definitely looked tired and didn’t have that extra gear that got him past Stanton. Sano was able to edge him out in regulation time.

   (3) Cody Bellinger: 12                   Longest: 433
   (2) Aaron Judge: 13 (W)               Longest: 513

Bellinger put up a respectable number but Judge is just too ridiculous. You could tell he was starting to get tired (but not that tired) but just seconds after the ESPN announce team commented on that fatigue Judge hit one 513 ft. So far through two rounds he put on exactly the show that MLB and fans everywhere were hoping to see. 

Final Round
  (5) Miguel Sano: 10                        Longest: 449
  (2) Aaron Judge: 11 (W)                Longest: 480

2017 Home Run Derby Champion: Aaron Judge

There was plenty of hope for a Giancarlo Stanton VS Aaron Judge finals match-up this year and while Stanton was upset by Gary Sanchez who more than held his own in this derby, tonight it was once again all about Aaron Judge. He used every inch of the ballpark, hitting bombs to all fields and hitting the four longest homers of the night (501, 504, 507, 513). Stanton was unable to defend his crown but Judge put on a show throughout the contest and by the time he made it to the finals it seemed like a forgone conclusion. Sano gave it his best shot with 10 but Judge could not be stopped, hitting six home runs in his first minute and finishing off Sano in half of his allotted time.     

Article by Matt Graziano


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