Mid-Season Report Card: Luis Severino

Grade: A-

For an organization that has had trouble developing starting pitching, it was very worrisome when Luis Severino pitched horrendously last season out of the rotation. He was moved to the bullpen towards the end of 2016, but the Yankees still believed he had the skillset to be an above average starting pitcher at the Major League level. After winning a spot in the rotation during Spring Training, Severino has not only pitched adequately for the Bombers, but he has arguably been their ace starting pitcher for much of 2017.
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First-Half Performance

Luis Severino has been phenomenal so far in 2017 and has exceptional numbers to show for it. After a rough start in Houston, his 3.54 ERA is the highest it has been in 2017 as it has been a sub-3.00 for much of the season. He leads the Yankees’ starters in innings pitched, ERA, WHIP, strikeouts, and quality starts, which shows that he’s not only been a workhorse for the Yankees’ rotation, but has also been consistently going out there and giving the team a chance to win. Severino’s 5-4 record does not reflect how he has pitched, because he has had six potential wins blown by the bullpen in 2017. Severino was awarded with his first career All-Star appearance.

Second-Half Expectations

Luis Severino has had a few bumpy starts as of late, however in those starts, his strikeouts are still high, and he has been able to give the Yankees length, which is much needed with their subpar bullpen. If the Bombers want any chance at a playoff berth, they need Severino to continue to be their ace and workhorse he has been all season. Severino only threw 71 innings last year, so there could be an innings limit in his future. However like it has to many teams in the past, the Yankees cannot allow an innings limit to derail their playoff hopes and prevent their best pitcher from pitching on the big stage. As of now, Severino would most likely be the man the Yankees would want on the mound in a one game playoff.


After a disappointing 2016, Severino’s All-Star 2017 has been a feel-good story for the organization. Despite Severino’s fantastic start, it is still up in the air how he will fare for the rest of the season, since he has never pitched over 100 innings in the Major Leagues until this season. It will be up to the organization how they will want to handle their young flamethrower going forward, without hurting the team’s playoff hopes. If Aaron Judge has been the guy to carry the offense, Luis Severino has been the anchor this pitching staff has needed and it is in all fans’ interest for him to continue to dominate opposing hitters.

Article by: Ryan Thoms



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