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Jonathan Holder has a realistic shot of making the All-Star team

Middle relievers have only recently started receiving universal recognition for their individual performance in Major League Baseball, due to the new age of numbers in the sport. Saves are no longer the all-telling, ultimate stat about a reliever’s success and WAR, ERA+, and other metrics have opened the eyes of fans on just how valuable it is for a team to have dominant relievers outside of the ninth inning role. Their widely agreed on importance has led to a lot of non-closer relievers making the All-Star team in recent seasons. The American League squad had two of them in 2017 and 2015, and a whopping four in 2016. If this trend continues, the AL should feature at least one or two non-closer relievers, and possibly more, with the scarcity of lockdown closers in the AL in 2018. The Yankees feature a lot of highly talented middle relievers and the pitcher who has surprised everyone the most, Jonathan Holder, has a very realistic shot of cracking the AL All-Star squad.

Mid-Season Report Card: Rob Refsnyder

Grade: F
Rob Refsnyder has been up and down between the Yankees and Scranton/Wilke-Barre RailRiders multiple times throughout the season. He was mainly called up as a replacement for injured players because he can play multiple positions. He’s played 1B, 2B, LF, and RF in the majors but primarily played second base in the minors. He became a mainstay in late May and most of June because of the slew of injuries that impacted the Yankees’ starters. He will probably be sent back down soon as the Yankees’ starting players get healthy.
Nam Y. Huh | AP Photo

First Half Performance:
Refsnyder has not played well in his time with the Yankees. In 2017, he is currently hitting a dismal .135 with only 5 hits in 37 at-bats and his on-base percentage is an unacceptable .200. In Triple-A Scranton he is playing very well, he has a slash line of .309/.399/.455 in 123 at-bats this year. His hitting just hasn’t translated to the MLB, which is unfortunate. The Yankees were hoping to turn Refsnyder into a useful utility man but that doesn’t seem likely if he can’t bring his offensive numbers up.

Expectations for Second Half:
Expect Refsnyder to continue to be up and down, because of injuries or rest, throughout the remainder of the season. I would expect his stats to continue to be the same. Without consistent playing time in the big leagues, I don’t think he’ll be able to dig himself out of the hole he’s in. Now that Clint Frazier has been called up he has lost his most consistent playing time in the outfield. There is also a possibility of him being traded. Given his MLB Stats, he probably isn’t on the trade market himself, but he could possibly be part of a package deal.

Rob Refsnyder has not had a great year with the Yankees. He seems to be their go-to guy when they need a utility player quickly from Scranton but his inconsistent play has him struggling. He’s played well in Scranton the past two years but when he gets called up to the majors his bat goes cold. His ability to play the field in a variety of positions is what makes him most valuable until he proves he can hit in the majors. There is a possibility of him being traded in a package deal if the Yankees are buyers at the deadline. Until then expect him to be up and down throughout the rest of the season.

Article by: Paul Alvaro