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BBB Reacts: Yankees' disappointing end to the 2018 season

Well, it's been just about a week now since the Boston Red Sox eliminated the Yankees from playoff contention and we've all had some time to stew on it.  Obviously not the ending any of us wanted and made even more painful due to the fact that it was our arch-rivals who put the nail in the coffin.Some of our contributors weigh in below about how this season ended, what to make of it all, and where the Yankees go from here heading into 2019.

MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees are in talks with Phillies for reliever Pat Neshek

As the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaches, teams look to bolster and retool their rosters, and the Yankees are no different. According to KenRosenthal of Fox Sports, Brian Cashman and company seem to be interested in adding bullpen arms, and one name they are in talks with is Pat Neshek of the Phillies. Rosenthal also notes that the Brewers and Rays have joined the Red Sox and Nationals as the teams in the mix and that there is no clear leader as talks are ongoing.
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The 36-year-old two-time All-Star is a free agent after the season. He’s posted a 1.21 ERA with a 0.86 WHIP, 40 strikeouts, and five walks in the 37.1 innings he’s pitched this season. Additionally, righties are hitting to a .234 batting average against with lefties only managing a .180 clip.

The righty possesses a sinker that hovers in the low-90’s for strikes, a slider in the low 80’s, and a rare changeup that he throws in the low 70’s. While Neshek does boast impressive stats and a nice repertoire, as an older pitcher and a potential one-year rental, his price shouldn’t be too steep.

The Yankees could look at Neshek as a solid rental to bolster the bullpen, which has struggled over the past month and has contributed to the team’s abysmal 9-18 record in one run games this season.

The Phillies, currently holding the worst record in the MLB, are looking to continue their rebuild and should be players in the anticipated 2018-2019 free agency period, therefore adding any prospects would be an attractive opportunity to them.

Conversely, the Yankees have a surplus of prospects and are able to move some of them. Although Neshek could be only a year rental, even if he performed well, he shouldn’t demand anything too exorbitant, letting the team keep him on the roster for the near future.

As the Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe reported, the Yankees are already scouting the sidearm throwing Neshek, so this could lead to a deal between the two teams in the next two weeks. The Yankees are caught in a fortunate predicament of being a team in a rebuild that has become competitive sooner than anticipated. Adding an arm like Neshek to the bullpen should help keep the team competitive while not sacrificing promising prospects as a result.

Article by: Maxx Hotton