After his recent stretch of mediocre play, Clint Frazier is bound for Scranton

The Yankees offense has really scuffled as of late, especially sluggers Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez. As a whole, Didi Gregorius and Chase Headley have been the lone bright spots. Quietly, Clint Frazier has been a part of the offense’s struggles and with his play and recent injury, he may be heading back to Scranton sooner rather than later.

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Frazier, the second ranked prospect in the Yankees system, was phenomenal in his first few weeks in pinstripes after the injuries to Aaron Hicks and Dustin Fowler. He had a clutch walk-off homer against the Brewers and was impressing with his ability to hit so well with RISP. Since then though, Frazier has fallen off quite a bit and it now seems like an obvious option to send him back down to Triple-A when Hicks returns later this week.

Hicks, who was in the middle of a resurgence before his injury, should be back by this weekend’s crucial series against the Boston Red Sox. When Frazier was on fire, Yankee fans believed the Yanks should do whatever it would take to keep Frazier with the big league squad. That was rightfully the consensus, as Frazier was an integral part of the offense and for awhile was one of the better hitters in the lineup. It was suggested that the Yanks try and do the impossible by getting rid of Jacoby Ellsbury’s ludicrous contract, possibly see what they could get in return for Brett Gardner before he went on another hot streak, or even keep five outfielders on the team so that Frazier wouldn't have to go back to Scranton.

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Well, fast forward a few weeks later and those comments have been quieted. His average has came crashing down to .243 while also striking out at an alarming rate, while his OBP is also at a very low .274. Since July 27, he's 7-for-42 (.167) with just one homer and four RBIs, while striking out 14 times in that span. His defense has been something to be desired as well, air mailing throws on multiple occasions. He's also been batting second for the better part of three weeks now, but was demoted to the eighth spot in Wednesday’s contest against the Blue Jays before sitting the game out with tightness in his oblique.

Don't get me wrong, Frazier is still a big part of the future plans and rightfully should be. But for the time being, the right decision currently is to send him back down to Scranton. And with rosters expanding in a few weeks, he shouldn't be down there for too long.

Article by: Spencer Schultz


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