Opinion: Could Chad Green be the team MVP?

The Yankees are said to have one of the best bullpens in baseball. With names like Chapman, Betances, Robertson, Warren and Kahnle, the rest of the platoon in the bullpen is often overlooked. One guy that has really stood out from the rest is right-hander, Chad Green. Green, who made his Major League debut just last year at the age of 24, struggled in his first season with the Yankees. With a 2-4 record and a 4.73 ERA in 2016, Green was hoping to bounce back in a huge way in 2017 and he has immensely exceeded expectations thus far.
Photo Credit: NY Daily News
With about six weeks left in the 2017 season and the Yankees fighting for a playoff spot, Green is expected to continue to help the Yankees in a huge way. So far, he has posted a 2-0 record with a 2.25 ERA in 45.2 innings. The Yankees bullpen was struggling for a majority of the season but Chad Green has been that one guy that skipper Joe Girardi could always count on. Throughout the season, Girardi has gained more and more confidence for Green when everyone else besides Warren has had periods of struggle. Green has kept the Yankees in countless amounts of games and has pitched like a veteran all season long. Green has also shown great control as he has only walked 15 batters compared to his 75 strikeouts. Coming into games that could make or break the Yankees season and pitching exceptionally makes Green one of if not the most consistent player on the Yankees so far this season.

So with that being said, Chad Green is potentially the team MVP up until this point in the season. Posting numbers that have been the same throughout the whole season and keeping the Yankees in a countless number of games has earned him the MVP for the team. With players like Judge and most of the Yankees bullpen who have been struggling as of late, Green is best suitable for the award. He has exceeded expectations and earned the trust of Girardi, which many could have never guessed. The Yankees have to give a lot of credit to Green and he is a major contributor as why they are still in a pennant chase. It is expected for Green to get even more innings down the stretch here as Chapman and Kahnle have been struggling big time over the past week. The future is bright for Chad Green and up until this point in the season, he is the MVP of the Yankees so far in 2017.

Article by: Cameron Hauze


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