BREAKING: Boston Red Sox used technology to steal signs from the New York Yankees

If this past weekend series with Boston was not enough of a reason to bring back the former glory of baseball’s best rivalry, then the news that broke from the New York Times on Tuesday will be the ignition to the flame.
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While stealing signs has always been a part of Major League Baseball, the Yankees have evidence that the Red Sox used an Apple Watch and video replay personnel to illicitly steal their catcher’s hand signals and relay them to the Red Sox players and coaches. Brian Cashman filed a “detailed complaint” that had video proof of the Red Sox in the act of cheating from a three-game series in Boston last month.

According to people familiar with the case, Boston’s assistant trainer, Jon Jochim, was seen with his Apple Watch passing on information to Dustin Pedroia, Brock Holt, and Chris Young. The trainers were reportedly receiving this information from people that worked with the team’s instant replay system.
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The act of stealing signs in baseball is something that some people frown upon, however, if a team is able to do so without the aid of technology or electronic devices than the act of doing so is fair game. However, using binoculars, cameras, etc. to relay this information to baserunners and hitters mid-game goes against league rules.

It is unknown what the punishment will be for the Red Sox’s wrongdoing, but with the division race so close, there is no doubt it will race tensions between the two teams. The Red Sox supposedly filed a counter-report against the Yankees for using YES cameras to steal signs, but it in all likelihood, it seems like a classic attempt to try to cover up one’s wrongdoings with another’s that may or may not have happened.

Stay tuned for more updates on this matter.

Article by: Ryan Thoms


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