BBB Twitter Reacts: Bold predictions for game five of the ALDS

Here at the BBB we consider our Twitter our "holy grail." Most of our article views and website interactions come from posting our articles on Twitter, and our readers and followers from Twitter are the foundation of the Bronx Bomber Ball. Being able to interact with Yankee fans across the world is one of our missions with our blog, which makes Twitter such an asset.
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With game five of the American League Division Series just a day away, I thought I would reach out to our Twitter followers and see how they felt about the up and coming game. Our followers are so used to hearing our opinions, cheers, rants, and tangents about the Yankees, so I thought hearing your voices would only be fair. Here is the tweet I posted late last night:

We received over 50 replies, some, for the lack of a better term, more "interesting" than others, but nevertheless I chose a few to share and talk about. Enjoy.
My opinion is pretty in line with Joey here. While I think CC Sabathia is the man to be on the mound in the elimination game, it is hard to see him dominating the Indians at home and almost less likely to see him go deep in this game with the bullpen being relatively fresh. Didi Gregorius has been relatively quiet since the Wild Card game, so he is a due for a big hit.

NYYfan2442 is one of our more colorful followers and is always in our notifications for better or for worse. I am in agreement with him here 100% on the fact that there is little chance Sabathia makes it past the fifth inning. I believe Kluber will pitch better than he did in game two, but in the end it will likely result in a battle of the bullpens.

Aaron Judge has had his moments so far in the postseason including a game saving catch, a home run in the Wild Card Game, and a two-run double in yesterday's game. However his strikeout numbers are extremely alarming and he has been a relatively easy out for much of the Cleveland series. If the Yankees want to win this game, Judge needs to factor in to the offense.

Greg Bird has been a heartwarming story, as of late, with his September power surge and huge hit in game three of the division series. If I am an Indian's pitcher, Greg Bird scares me the most out of all the Yankees sluggers. Bird was able to absolutely crush a home run off the Indians' best southpaw reliever, and he is playing with an obvious chip on his shoulder.

Now, some people decided to get really bold with their predictions. Here are some of my favorites:

Not a coin toss or drawing of straws, but a foot race. If this creative situation ever arose, I would personally give the edge to Girardi, because he played baseball more recently and has had less health problems than Tito.

Darcey went really bold here and predicted that the Yankees would not only out slug the Indians, but break the single game runs record by almost 60 runs.

75 innings would surely be an impressive feat, as this would surpass the longest AL game by 50 innings. Not sure the Indians bullpen could handle this, after their heavy usage in yesterday's game.

I want to start off by saying how much I love this tweet's enthusiasm, but there's two noticeable flaws. As of now, it is physically impossible to throw 4.5 innings, so CC would have to have some real tricks up his sleeve. Also, Greg Bird would have to switch uniforms in order to hit a walk-off. Nevertheless, I see both of these guys playing a big role tomorrow. 

He may be, but we would not know as he has blocked almost all of Yankees nation after numerous Bauer Outage comments and drone puns.

When and where Dovid? If this somehow happens, then I will be the first to crown Dovid as a mortal baseball god.

This would be quite unfortunate.

Article by: Ryan Thoms


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