BBB Twitter Reacts: Favorite Yankees ALDS Moment

Wow. In a season where playoff contention was extremely unlikely, the Yankees are moving on to play for the American League pennant. While the first two games produced a few astronomical lows, the remaining games of the series were filled with excitement and historical moments. 
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I decided to post a poll and ask our Twitter followers which moment they felt stood out amongst the rest.

However, I realized that there were way more than four moments that could be in the discussion for the best. So, I asked BBB Twitter to tell me what was their favorite moment and why, and here are the responses!

Bird is the Word!

Sir October is born

Tanaka Time

Gardy Party!

The old and the new: CC and Sevy

Good ole Toms River


The Judicial Leap

A win for Joe

It is clearly evident that there was no single moment that particularly stands out as the defining moment, because of how much a team effort this epic comeback was. I am going to conclude this article with a very interesting take on what this person thought was their favorite moment.

They have a point. Without Girardi’s failure to challenge, none of these moments may have ever happened in the first place!

Article by: Ryan Thoms


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