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BBB Reacts: Yankees' disappointing end to the 2018 season

Well, it's been just about a week now since the Boston Red Sox eliminated the Yankees from playoff contention and we've all had some time to stew on it.  Obviously not the ending any of us wanted and made even more painful due to the fact that it was our arch-rivals who put the nail in the coffin.Some of our contributors weigh in below about how this season ended, what to make of it all, and where the Yankees go from here heading into 2019.

Things I've heard throughout this season

“The Yankees are rebuilding”

"Jose Altuve literally doesn't get out"

“They’ll be a .500 team”


“The Yankees don’t play well enough on the road”

“They don’t have the pitching”

“Their pitching isn't sustainable”

“Their bullpen isn't that good”

“CC Sabathia is washed up”

“They need to trade Gardner for some more youth”

“Greg Bird is going to be out for the season”

“Greg Bird doesn't seem like he wants to be a part of this”

“Judge just had a good first half, now pitchers are figuring him out”

“Tanaka sucks!”

“Tanaka could be hurt again”

“They should shop Brett Gardner at the deadline”

“Why is Cashman going for it all?”

“The Yankees won’t win a Wild Card”

“Aaron Hicks is cooling off, he was a fluke, he just got off to a hot start”

“They’re too young to compete in the playoffs”

“The Yankees won’t come back with their ace going a third of an inning in the Wild Card game”

“Severino gets too rattled”

“Whatever, they’ll get swept by Cleveland”

“The Indians are the best team in baseball”

“If Trevor Bauer shut you out what makes you think the Yankees will hit Kluber”

“Kluber is a robot, he’s the best pitcher in the game”

“Kluber shoves in the playoffs”

“Joe Girardi needs to be fired”

“It’s absolutely inexcusable that Girardi didn’t challenge that call”

“It’s the Indians year”

“Aaron Judge is an automatic out”

“Judge can’t even put the ball in play”

“They haven't lost three straight since July”

“Have fun hitting Bauer again”

“You really think they’re going to hit Kluber at home again?”

“Houston is the best team in baseball”

“Yankees can’t hit”

“Chapman can’t close in big games in the playoffs” 

“How can you hold the best offense in baseball to two runs in two consecutive games and lose both of them? The Yankees are done”

“Judge isn't clutch”

“The baby bombers can't hit in the playoffs”

“The Astros lineup is too good”

“The Yankees can’t come back down 2-0 to the best offensive team in baseball”

“Sonny Gray is overrated”

“The Yankees aren’t going to get to Lance McCullers Jr.”

“The Astros bullpen is dominant”

"Ken Giles is a stud"

“The Yankees live and die on the home run”

“The Yankees can't hit Dallas Keuchel”

“Dallas Keuchel literally owns the Yankees”

We're still here… One win away from the World Series. 

Go Yankees. 

Article by: Noah Clement