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Yankees lose six players to the Rule-5 draft, acquire one

The Yankees’ minor league systems is deep even beyond the flashy prospects, and as a result, they had six players they chose not to protect on the 40-man roster selected by other clubs in the Rule-5 draft. Only one of the six Yankees, RHP Nick Green, was selected in the Major League phase, while five players were selected in the Triple-A phase. The Yankees chose one player of their own in the Triple-A phase in RHP Adonis De la Cruz. A friendly reminder for those who are not familiar with the Rule-5 draft, the teams who select these players must keep them on their active roster of either the Major League or Triple-A team, depending on the phase of selection, or be offered back to their former club. Here is a breakdown of Cruz and who the Yankees lost:

BREAKING: Masahiro Tanaka will NOT opt out

In a stunning turn of events, Masahiro Tanaka will NOT opt out of his contract with the Yankees. It was widely thought throughout the baseball industry that he would forfeit the remaining three years and $67 million with the Yankees, but he decided not to do so tonight.
Tom Szczerbowski / Getty Images
Tanaka released a statement about his decision, and the Yankees posted it on Twitter. Here it is:
He didn't say much, but it's obvious that Tanaka didn't consider opting out too much. He loves playing for this team and wants to continue doing so in the future. Honestly, why wouldn't he? The 2017 team was incredibly fun and is only going to get better.

Tanaka had a tough regular season in 2017, going 13-12 with a 4.74 ERA, starting 30 games and throwing 178.1 innings with 194 strikeouts. However, he was fantastic in the postseason, going 2-1 with an 0.90 ERA, 18 strikeouts, and just two runs allowed in three starts against the Indians and Astros. Hopefully he bounces back in the 2018 regular season, but his work in the postseason gives a lot of confidence.

Article by: Alex Weir