Exploring potential Yankees outfield free agent finds

While the Yankees outfield seems to be more of a sure thing and even a log-jam at times, it doesn’t mean that the Yankees can’t have some fun and window shop. While the current free agent outfield class is pretty much filled with aging talent, there are a couple fun options that could be explored.
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Two names that are out there are both former Yankees and ones that have ties to each other, both Curtis Granderson and Austin Jackson. Jackson making his way through the Yankees minor league pipeline before being traded to the Detroit Tigers for Granderson. Jackson was considered the top prospect at the time, and since has had a decent MLB career. After being a cornerstone in the Tiger’s lineup, he has bounced around the league some and seen his playing time dwindle in recent years. He is more known for his glove and phenomenal plays in center, but he can still hit well too, shown by his career .275 average. Granderson, on the other hand, is now 36 and seemingly in the twilight of his career. He was certainly fun to watch in the Bronx for four years, but he doesn’t seem to have the same spark he did back then. While he is certainly serviceable for a team in 2018, it’s going to take some work to squeeze production out of him.
Other interesting names out there are J.D. Martinez and Jay Bruce. Martinez took off like a rocket once he was traded to the Diamondbacks, hitting a homer almost daily it seemed. He would be a great bat to add to the already potent Yankee offense, but if early reports are any indication, he will be looking for a mammoth $200+ million deal. So, while it is fun to imagine Martinez in pinstripes, the Yankees can’t afford him, especially when they are trying to cut payroll and the 2018 free agent class has some studs. That brings us to Jay Bruce, who for a moment in 2017 appeared to be coming to the Bronx. Heavily linked to the Yankees around the trade deadline, Bruce ended up going to the Indians and giving the Yankees some fits in the ALDS. While he has been an All-Star four times in his career, he seemed to struggle some in the past two years, while on the Mets. While his numbers aren’t terrible, he is strikeout prone (like most sluggers are) and considering the Yankees already have a younger version of this in right field already, it’s another pass.
Overall, while there are some tempting names out there in free agency, none seem to be a good fit for the Yankees. If they stay the course with the pieces that they have already, they are in a fine position.

Article by: AJ Welch


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