What I am thankful for: Yankees Edition

In 2017, the Yankees gave their fans a lot to be thankful for after an unexpected run, which displayed glimpses of an extremely bright future. On a holiday that is designed around the theme of being thankful, I decided to give thanks to the baseball team I spend hours and hours watching throughout the season. So, what about the Yankees am I thankful for?
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The Youth Movement

This could not have been an easier decision for one of the things I am most thankful for. Being born in 1998, I was only able to truly enjoy the tailspin of the great Yankees dynasty. Before 2017, the Yankees were a team of aging veterans that had seen better days. The Yankees have never really been known to develop their own young talent as they usually opt to trade away prospects for stars or sign the most expensive free agents.

However, in the summer of 2016, Brian Cashman decided to turn the page on the old dynasty and begin the framework for the new dynasty. The Yankees farm system quickly rose to the top of the power rankings and a plethora of that young talent was displayed in 2017. In a year that was meant to be a bridge to 2018 and beyond, the Yankees young core of players and savvy veterans outplayed expectations and fell one game short from a World Series birth.
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All of this came before Gleyber Torres, Justus Sheffield, Chance Adams, and company even stepped foot on a major league field. I am thankful the Yankees are setting themselves up for another extended run, that all of Yankee fans should be thinking about while taking their first bite of turkey.

Making Yankees Baseball Fun Again

Baseball has been said to be on the decline with young viewing audiences due to its lack of action and fun aspects that could reel in young people. When former Red Sox legend David Ortiz on national television says he enjoys this Yankee team, they have to be doing something right. Partnered with the declined play has been a few seasons of less than stellar entertainment. The Yankees had not been relevant in the playoffs in five years and the aging team lacked life and enthusiasm, but the infusing of young, exciting talent rejuvenated veterans like CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner, and we were able to witness some of their most exciting moments to date.

Speaking of moments, can you remember a season of Yankees baseball that had more pinpoint moments than 2017? The comebacks, the walk-offs, the moonshots, the shutouts, the thumbs down movement, and the pretend dugout interviews were all mainstays in 2017. Every night it seemed like the Yankees were able to put on a show and accomplish something that we have never seen before. While a team’s solid win-loss record usually validates a successful season, I would argue that the Yankees defining moments were what validated 2017 and made it truly a great season of baseball.
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The third and final thing I wanted to say I am thankful for is four all of our readers here at the BBB. The Bronx Bomber Ball was the first Yankees platform I was given the opportunity to write for, and I have been simply amazed at how much we have grown in the eight months I have been writing here. We hope to keep you guys reading all winter and we are ready to prepare you for what should be an excellent brand of baseball that will be played in 2018.

Indiivual aspects of the team I am thankful for: 

Aaron Judge: He is new face of the franchise, and I enjoy seeing how far he can hit the baseball.

The bullpen: June was the worst month of 2017 due to no lead ever being safe to due an unbelievably bad bullpen. I am sending a huge thank you to the Chicago White Sox.

Didi Gregorius: Sir Didi has the best postgame tweets in sports and can back it up with his incredible play.

Brett Gardner: His heart is unmatched. 

Greg Bird: I am glad Bird can finally be the word and not Chris Carter.

Luis Severino: Decided to be the ace of the staff when Tanaka fell off.

Masahiro Tanaka: He must have been saving his solid performances for the postseason, and I will take it. 

Sonny Gray: I believe he will have an incredible year next year.

CC Sabtahia: A true Yankee that I hope so badly gets resigned. 

Ronald Torreyes: He is the best cameraman in baseball.

Gary Sanchez: As much as I hate his defense at times, El Kraken's future is so bright and I can not fathom how glad I am that he is on my team and not an opposing one.

Shohei Ohtani: Coming soon

All of us here at the BBB wish all of our fans a happy and safe Thanksgiving and holliday season.

Article by: Ryan Thoms


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