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Jonathan Holder has a realistic shot of making the All-Star team

Middle relievers have only recently started receiving universal recognition for their individual performance in Major League Baseball, due to the new age of numbers in the sport. Saves are no longer the all-telling, ultimate stat about a reliever’s success and WAR, ERA+, and other metrics have opened the eyes of fans on just how valuable it is for a team to have dominant relievers outside of the ninth inning role. Their widely agreed on importance has led to a lot of non-closer relievers making the All-Star team in recent seasons. The American League squad had two of them in 2017 and 2015, and a whopping four in 2016. If this trend continues, the AL should feature at least one or two non-closer relievers, and possibly more, with the scarcity of lockdown closers in the AL in 2018. The Yankees feature a lot of highly talented middle relievers and the pitcher who has surprised everyone the most, Jonathan Holder, has a very realistic shot of cracking the AL All-Star squad.

Yanks ink two top international prospects

The Yankees have made a splash in the International Prospect pool by signing outfielder Raimfer Salinas, 16 and catcher Antonio Cabello, 17. Both are from Venezuela, and both are ranked in the top twenty international prospects for 2017 according to Baseball America’s rankings. 

The signings gave the Yankees five of Baseball America’s top 20 international prospects, including OF Everson Pereira, SS Ronny Rojas, and SS Roberto Chirinos.

Salinas is six foot, 170 pounds with plus speed and arm strength. Cabello is five foot eleven, 185 pounds and shows a patient hitting approach from the right side. 

The signings are more than likely a result of the failure to sign the “Japanese Babe Ruth” Shohei Ohtani, who chose to sign with the Angels as an international free agent.

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Salinas and Cabello’s signing bonuses aren’t yet announced, but shortstop Ronny Rojas signed for $1M in September, so it’s fair to assume Salinas and Cabello received a similar pay day. 

Article by: Noah Clement


  1. Whats the name of the Cuban player the Yanks are interested in?

  2. To answer my own question - the Cuban phenom wowing scouts is teen outfielder Luis Robert. Word is that he has emerged as the most intriguing prospect on the international market

  3. Damn, he signed with the White Soc's, well now I guess it's Julio Pablo Martinez.


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