Miguel Andujar: It is his time

With spring training set to begin, the Yankees have openings at 2B and the hot corner.  Speculation is high that two of the organization’s most highly regarded prospects are going to win those jobs. This article isn't about the second base opening; it’s about Miguel Andujar and why he should be the starting third baseman when Opening Day arrives.
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Sure, it would be very easy for the Bombers to sign a veteran like Neil Walker or trade for someone like Pittsburgh’s Josh Harrison, but this isn't George Steinbrenner’s Yankees. This version isn't afraid to play the kids instead of trading them away. This team is loaded and has a solid mixture of electric youth and gritty veterans. Guys like Andujar and Torres are more than capable of playing everyday, but like I said this isn't about Torres.

From every report I've read, Andujar’s bat is major league ready. Does his defense need work? Yes, but he's not terrible, and he can definitely field the position. If the Yankees don't spend money on a free agent infielder, they can use the money to sign a starting pitcher or trade for one now or at the deadline, which would be the smart move. If Andujar plays well then maybe the Bombers don't need to go after Manny Machado next offseason. Hey, it's  just a thought. This team is built to win now and adding another starting pitcher is the better investment than going after someone outside the organization to fill the third base need. With Chase Headley manning a Padres' uniform in 2018, Miguel Andujar has nothing in his path that should stop him from manning third base and thriving.

Article by: Matt Donovan


  1. Isn't afraid to use youth...when they are ready! Andujar isn't ready. Speculation is not that Andujar will play. Cashman and Boone keep acknowledging that Andujar exists, not that he will play. The Yankees are still trying to upgrade 3B THIS season, they are not going to downgrade from Headley/Frazier with Andujar when they are ALL IN. They aren't going to spend money on a free agent either. They ARE going to trade for an upgrade at 3rd, which will be Machado. Why? Because pitchers and catchers have already reported and Baltimore still doesn't have a 3, 4 or 5 position starters. The O's NEED to deal with the Yankees and it'll be for Machado. After Machado wins the world series with us this year, he will be CHEAPER in Free Agency because he won't want to leave, AND, we'll have Andujar ready.at that point to step in and take his place. You should make sure you watch Andujar play before saying that he can hold his own defensively. I've seen him play with the RailRiders and although I DO hope he gets his shot at some point, I do hope that it's when he's ready.


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