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Pinstriped glory, the greatest moments in Yankee history part four: The ’98 Yankees’ magnificent season

There are a few things about the Yankees that I’m very stubborn about, things that no matter how hard you debate with me I’ll just never change my mind on. For instance, Joe DiMaggio is the greatest baseball player the world has ever seen, if I ever have a son, I want him to grow up to be the man Lou Gehrig was, and the 1927 team is the greatest that baseball will ever see. However, while I am of the mindset the ’27 team is the greatest, there will never be a season more impressive than 1998. The team won 114 games in the regular season while losing only 48. They won the AL East by a mind boggling 22 games and went 11-2 in the playoffs sweeping the San Diego Padres in the World Series for the club’s 24th overall championship. Their win total regular season and postseason combined was 125 which is still a major league record to this day.

Why the Yankees should use a six-man rotation

Okay Yankees fans, I am going to discuss a rarely discussed idea. Hold onto your hats... I think the Bombers should utilize a six-man rotation in 2018. In the following article, I'll give my reasons why.
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Having a six-man rotation will allow an extra day's rest for all the starters. It will benefit Masahiro Tanaka, and as much as I hate to say this, his elbow. His elbow is a ticking time bomb, due to his previously diagnosed partially torn UCL. Tanaka has pitched better on an extra day's rest throughout his career and Yankee fans know what he is capable of when he is on top of his game. 

It'll also be helpful to CC Sabathia who's surgically repaired knee was hurting at times last season and caused him to miss some starts down the stretch. Sonny Gray could also benefit from the  extra rest, due to his injury histroy. He had an injury filled 2016, only making 22 starts and missed the first month of 2017 with a strained lat muscle. 

It will also be beneficial to young starters like Luis Severino and Jordan Montgomery. Last season Severino pitched 193 innings, which was 122 innings more than he pitched the previous season. Young lefty Jordan Montgomery pitched 155 innings last season which is 21 innings more than his previous high in a single season. So, an extra day’s rest would be helpful to the young guys and veterans pitching staff in order to keep them healthy and fresh. 

It's no secret that the Yankees have been linked to not only free agent pitchers but also pitchers potentially available via trade. It's also no secret that they have some top pitching prospects in their system that are on the cusp of reaching the Bronx. Justus Sheffield (LHP) and Chance Adams (RHP) are potential starting pitchers for the six-man rotation or one that is acquired via a trade.

Here is how their rotation shapes up with six pitchers:

Adams/Sheffield/Green/Warren/Player from outside of the organization

Article by: Matthew Donovan