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Pinstriped glory, the greatest moments in Yankee history part four: The ’98 Yankees’ magnificent season

There are a few things about the Yankees that I’m very stubborn about, things that no matter how hard you debate with me I’ll just never change my mind on. For instance, Joe DiMaggio is the greatest baseball player the world has ever seen, if I ever have a son, I want him to grow up to be the man Lou Gehrig was, and the 1927 team is the greatest that baseball will ever see. However, while I am of the mindset the ’27 team is the greatest, there will never be a season more impressive than 1998. The team won 114 games in the regular season while losing only 48. They won the AL East by a mind boggling 22 games and went 11-2 in the playoffs sweeping the San Diego Padres in the World Series for the club’s 24th overall championship. Their win total regular season and postseason combined was 125 which is still a major league record to this day.

2018 Pinstripe Preview: Adam Warren

As the Yankees bullpen underperformed a bit in 2017 with many frustrating losses coming at the fault of them, Adam Warren was quietly very good when called upon. Now in his second stint with the Yankees, Warren provides a nice versatility option out of the ‘pen, as he’s able to go pitch an quick inning or give you multiple, effective innings in long relief.

Photo Credit: John Cordes/Icon Sportswire

2017 Review:
After a horrible few months with the Cubs back in 2016, it seems as though Warren has revitalized his career with the team he started off with. Warren appeared in 46 games for the pinstripes in 2017, giving the Yanks 57.1 innings, while allowing just 35 hits and 15 earned runs (2.35 ERA) and striking out 54. Baserunners were scarce against Warren, as he put out a 0.87 WHIP on the year to go along with a tremendous FIP of 3.02. Now with five full MLB seasons under his belt, 2017 was the lowest amount of innings Warren has pitched in a season, thanks in large part to a back spasms injury that kept him out a few weeks along with the quantity of high-level arms the Yanks have in their bullpen.

2018 Preview:
Despite being very effective in 2017, Warren still unfortunately remains at the bottom of the pecking order in the Yankees bullpen. This doesn’t mean his role won’t be crucial though, as he’ll be relied on when the Yanks have a short outing from their starter. It seems as if Warren is at his best when he’s not in high leverage situations, which works to the advantage of the Yankees because they have four or five relievers who can take over that role when they need it. Apart of the trade that sent Warren, Billy McKinney, and top prospect Gleyber Torres to the Yanks for a rental of Aroldis Chapman, who returned to the Yanks, his contributions have been underrated during his time with the Yankees. If someone in the ‘pen gets injured, Warren can surely step up and make the Yankees not lose a step.

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The perfect bridge, long-relief guy for this bullpen, Adam Warren’s only criticisms of his career thus far has been his inability to perform in the clutch at times. Other than that, he is quietly better than most relievers in the majors. Should he stay healthy in 2018, he should enjoy a similar season to last.

Article by: Spencer Schultz