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Pinstriped glory, the greatest moments in Yankee history part four: The ’98 Yankees’ magnificent season

There are a few things about the Yankees that I’m very stubborn about, things that no matter how hard you debate with me I’ll just never change my mind on. For instance, Joe DiMaggio is the greatest baseball player the world has ever seen, if I ever have a son, I want him to grow up to be the man Lou Gehrig was, and the 1927 team is the greatest that baseball will ever see. However, while I am of the mindset the ’27 team is the greatest, there will never be a season more impressive than 1998. The team won 114 games in the regular season while losing only 48. They won the AL East by a mind boggling 22 games and went 11-2 in the playoffs sweeping the San Diego Padres in the World Series for the club’s 24th overall championship. Their win total regular season and postseason combined was 125 which is still a major league record to this day.

Yankees sign former Blue Jay Adam Lind to minor-league deal

According to Yankees PR, Adam Lind has signed a minor-league contract as well as an invite to spring training. The 34 year-old has spent 12 years in the majors, including four teams in the past four seasons.

Photo Credit: Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports

Lind is an interesting pickup that could contend for a spot on the Opening Day roster. The left-hander quietly batted .303 with 14 homers and 59 RBIs for the Nationals last season. Offensively, he’s a solid option as he also slugged .513 and got on base at a clip of .362. His WAR of 1.3 on offense was impressive, though it essentially cancels out the -0.9 defensive WAR he had last season. This move is likely just for depth purposes, as Lind provides decent protection in case anyone gets hurt.

With him being a lefty and the starting first baseman Greg Bird being a left-handed hitter as well, it’s unlikely Lind will make it past spring training. He doesn’t have much competition though, as Tyler Austin is the top choice for that backup first base position currently, so do not be surprised if he surpasses Austin for that role. Lind also played 25 games in the outfield for the Nationals in 2017.

Article by: Spencer Schultz