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Justus Sheffield moved to bullpen in Triple-A, primed for September call-up

The Railriders scratched Justus Sheffield from his start today and have announced that he is being moved to the bullpen. While typically this is meant for someone who is struggling and not performing to expectations, this is a different scenario. This move will not only monitor Sheffield’s innings for him so he can contribute down the stretch, but it will allow him to adapt to a new role the Yankees plan on using him in when September 1 arrives.

Yankees acquire infielder L.J. Mazzilli from the Mets

The Yankees made an interesting exchange on Tuesday morning as they traded away minor league outfielder, Kendall Coleman, to the Mets in exchange for minor league infielder L.J. Mazzilli. Mazzilli is the son of former Yankee player and coach Lee Mazzilli.
Photo Credit: Cliff Welch | Milb
The Yankees and Mets are not known for trading with one another due to their subway rivalry, but were able to swing this swap of relatively unknown minor league players.

Coleman was taken by the Bombers in the 11th round of the 2013 draft and has not made it above Single-A. Coleman is a career .207/.309/.301 hitter in the minors.

Mazzilli was also a product of the 2013 draft, but was chosen in the fourth round by the Mets. The 27-year-old is a career .268/.339/.379 hitter in the minors and will add infield depth to the Yankees minor league teams. Mazzilli has received two suspensions in his career due to drug abuse, with the latest one coming in 2014.

Article by: Ryan Thoms