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Heyman: A Manny Machado trade is “very close, it’s not the Yankees”

Despite the All-Star game shenanigans that included a selfie with Chapman, Torres, and Severino, a viral GIF of Machado looking at Gleyber Torres’ phone, and Machado’s nephew saying on live television that he’d like to see his uncle on the Yankees, Jon Heyman reported moments ago that Manny Machado is close to being traded, but not to the Bronx Bombers. The deal is supposed to occur after tomorrow’s All-Star Game, which will likely be Machado’s last game in an Orioles uniform.

MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees are interested in LHP JA Happ

MLB Network’s Jon Morosi reported yesterday morning that the Yankees and the Seattle Mariners are expressing interest in Toronto’s 35-year-old LHP, JA Happ. With the Yankees' obvious need for a starting pitcher, this news comes as no surprise.
Photo Credit: NJ.com

Happ, amid his third consecutive solid season in Toronto, has been a rumored trade candidate in the early going of trade talks due to Toronto’s slim playoff chances and his contract that expires at the conclusion of the 2018 season. Happ has posted a 3.48 ERA in 14 starts to go along with a solid 1.07 WHIP and 10.2 K/9.

He would fit well into the Yankees rotation as he would be another southpaw option and has pitched in ten postseason games in his career. He is making a manageable 13 million dollars this season, so adding the remainder of his contract would not put the Yankees over the luxury tax.

The main issue with Happ, other than the fact that he is getting older, is that the Blue Jays may not be willing to trade within their own division, and the Yankees may not want to deal solid minor league players to a team they play 18 times a season.

Article by: Ryan Thoms