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Heyman: A Manny Machado trade is “very close, it’s not the Yankees”

Despite the All-Star game shenanigans that included a selfie with Chapman, Torres, and Severino, a viral GIF of Machado looking at Gleyber Torres’ phone, and Machado’s nephew saying on live television that he’d like to see his uncle on the Yankees, Jon Heyman reported moments ago that Manny Machado is close to being traded, but not to the Bronx Bombers. The deal is supposed to occur after tomorrow’s All-Star Game, which will likely be Machado’s last game in an Orioles uniform.

Giancarlo Stanton earned a spot on the American League final vote

Even after already having four players selected to the ASG, the Yankees have the potential for a fifth as Giacarlo Stanton is a final vote candidate. 
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The Yankees’ prized offseason acquisition started off sluggish, but a hot June and July that has seen him hit .373 and .370 during those months respectively while also slugging 10 home runs. His recent hot streak has been enough to potentially earn him his fifth All-Star selection and first on the Yankees. Stanton is eighth in the AL in home runs and his presence would be a welcomed addition to the star-studded AL squad.

The Yankees are using the hashtag #ASGiancarlo to market him and voting can be done by clicking this link here: https://www.mlb.com/all-star/final-vote

Article by: Ryan Thoms