Luis Severino should start the All-Star Game for the American League

Someone who goes out there every five days, and gives you a chance to win the game. Someone who doesn’t give you any reason to worry on how to manage your bullpen.  Someone, when the team is coming off a bad stretch, or a poor performance the night before, is willing to take the ball, and put his team on their shoulders.
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These are all characteristics of an ace pitcher.  These are all characteristics of a future CY Young winner.  These are characteristics of someone who should be showcased in front of baseball’s summer showcase, the All-Star Game.  These are the characteristics that describe who should start the All-Star Game for the American League, Luis Severino.

How good has Luis Severino been? This season, he has had six starts in which he did not give up a single run, one of those games was a complete game shutout of the defending World Series Champion Houston Astros, in their own building. Also, since the beginning of the 2017 season, he leads all of MLB in most starts allowing one run or fewer with 26 starts thanks to Sunday Night’s dominant performance against the heavy hitting Boston Red Sox.  This is a pretty impressive stat given the division Sevy plays in and the hitter friendly ballparks he constantly has to pitch in.

Luis Severino is currently the AL leader in many different categories, traditional and sabermetrical.  He leads AL pitchers in WAR, ERA, ERA+, Wins, Win-Loss%, Adj. Pitching Runs, Adj Pitching Wins, Base-Out Runs Saved, Sit Wins Saved, and Base-out Wins Saved.  In other terms, Sevy has been really good this season. 

In a pitching duel against a Yankee-killer in Dallas Keuchel, he matched him pitch for pitch in a complete game shutout, which the Yankees won 4-0.  He later faced them again, going seven strong in a 5-3 victory. In fact, Severino has only lost one start against any playoff hopeful team (Boston) which was early on in the season when the Yankees as a whole, were not clicking on all cylinders.

Are there any other reasons why he should start the Summer Classic?  In 2018, the game has been about two major things, home runs and strikeouts.  For a pitcher, strikeouts and heat, lighting up the radar gun is what people want to see.  How does Sevy do with strikeouts and heat? Luis Severino has the highest average fastball velocity and has the most strikeouts on pitches above 100mph amongst all starting pitchers. In the strikeout department, he currently has 138, which is seventh in all of major league baseball.

The All-Star game is a chance for MLB to showcase its star talent, in hopes of garnering new fans, and opening the eyes to players some fans might not be able to see.  Luis Severino is on the rise in all of MLB, not just the AL. He has not only the stats to backup his starting nod, but has pitched in big games all season, and has the entertainment factor that the fans would want to see. It is imperative for him to get the ball in DC vs the “old guard” in Max Scherzer, in what could be a very fun matchup of an emerging young stud and a three-time CY Young winner.

Article by: Andrew Rohloff


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