Yankees meet with Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg

It's the offseason news that Yankees fans have longed to hear.  While nothing is "in stone" yet, and anything can change in the coming weeks, the Yankees Front Office is reportedly in talks with both Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg. 

Photo Credit: New York Post

What do we know so far? 

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Yankees are "making Cole a priority" in the offseason. 
This fact could lead us fans to believe that he's their first choice in making improvements in the starting rotation.  The meeting, held in Cole's home state of California this week between the Yankees and Cole lasted more than four hours.  In spite of concerns that Cole would want to stay in his home state, Jon Heyman reports that Cole has told the Yankees that he holds no "west coast bias." 

Per the NY Daily News, regarding Cole's salary, "The dollars will be there." 
However, Heyman reports that "no dollars were specifically discussed." 
The Yankees are concerned that Cole will want to stay in Los Angeles, and that Strasburg will want to stay with the Washington Nationals. 
And, the Nationals are "confident" that Strasburg will opt to stay with them.  More from  Heyman: 

The Philadelphia Phillies were also looking at Strasburg. 
Per MLB Trade Rumors, "Strasburg would be a big addition to any rotation, but he'd be of particular import to a Phillies staff that was filled with struggles last year." However, Philly moves more and more off the table after their front office announced the Phillies' signing of Zach Wheeler on December 4th.  So, Strasburg looks like he's not the antidote that the Phillies are going to go with to fix their rotation struggles. 

With the 2019 Winter Meetings beginning December 8th just tomorrow, there's potential for even more Cole/Strasburg related news -- and quickly. 

Article by: Mary Grace Donaldson


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