Bronx Bomber Ball 2020 Hall of Fame mock ballot

With Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame class of 2020 set to be announced tonight at 6:00pm EST, the writers of Bronx Bomber Ball decided to run our own Hall of Fame ballot in the same format.  The rules mirror those of the BBWAA: each voter is granted 10 votes, but is not obligated to use all 10, and a player must receive at minimum 75% of the vote in order to earn induction.  

This year’s mock class was surprisingly large, with our writers showing no ill will towards players shrouded by the cloud of steroid use.  Derek Jeter (predictably for a Yankees blog) was a unanimous election, while four other players were also voted in: Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez and Curt Schilling. Larry Walker, in his final year on the ballot, received less than 50% of votes despite currently polling at over 70% among all publicly announced BBWAA ballots

Photo Credit: The Boston Globe

Below are the voting totals:

% of Vote
Derek Jeter100.00%
Barry Bonds90.91%
Roger Clemens90.91%
Manny Ramirez81.82%
Curt Schilling81.82%
Gary Sheffield72.73%
Sammy Sosa63.64%
Larry Walker45.45%
Scott Rolen27.27%
Andruw Jones18.18%
Andy Pettitte18.18%
Omar Vizquel18.18%
Billy Wagner18.18%
Bobby Abreu9.09%
Todd Helton9.09%
Jeff Kent9.09%
Josh Beckett0.00%
Heath Bell0.00%
Eric Chavez0.00%
Adam Dunn0.00%
Chone Figgins0.00%
Rafael Furcal0.00%
Jason Giambi0.00%
Raul Ibanez0.00%
Paul Konerko0.00%
Cliff Lee0.00%
Carlos Pena0.00%
Brad Penny0.00%
J.J. Putz0.00%
Brian Roberts0.00%
Alfonso Soriano0.00%
Jose Valverde0.00%


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