Introducing Bronx Bomber Bets: BBBets 9/23

Welcome to our new gambling column at BBB, Bronx Bomber Bets. Here we will be giving out some of our favorite picks of the day and sharing them with our readers. Today, we are giving out 10 picks for all of you, so please enjoy, and bet responsibly. Now, we know that not all of our readers are big gamblers, if they are gamblers at all, so for the first week or so that we give out picks we will be explaining the odds and gambling terminology for anyone out there who is looking to learn about sports betting. Here are our picks:

3u: (Three units)


Yankees-Blue Jays o10.5 (-115)


So for anybody wondering what three units means, a unit is what your typical bet is. A unit is different for every bettor, but speaking in units is a way to universally talk about gambling without having to divulge how much you have been betting. So, if you are usually most comfortable betting $5 on a game, then one unit for you would be $5 (We don’t unit shame here). If you are more confident in your picks, you can then put more than one unit on the bet. 


Now for this three-unit bet that we made, we picked the over in the Yankees-Blue Jays game. The o/u (over/under) for this game was 10.5, and we took the over so that means that we need both teams combined to score more than 10.5 runs, so we need at least 11 runs total in the game. In the parenthesis, you can see -115. This describes the payout of the bet for you. A negative odds payout, such as -115, means that you must bet the number in order to win $100. So for this bet, you must bet $115 to win $100. In addition to your winnings, on a winning bet, you also get your wager back. So, let's say that you bet $115 in this game and win the over bet, then you would get the $100 winning in addition to getting your $115 wager back. A positive odds payout, which we’ll show an example of later, means that you must bet $100 to win your odds payout (see: White Sox ML).



Yankees RL -1.5 (-150)


This bet is a run line bet. In the game today, the Yankees are favored to win, which is shown by the negative in front of the 1.5, which is how many runs that they are favored by. So for this pick, we are picking the Yankees to win the game by at least two runs against the Blue Jays.


White Sox ML (+137)


This is a money line bet. A money line bet is just simply a bet on who will win the game, where you don’t have to worry about the team covering the spread or who many runs are scored. As you can see here, the odds payout for the bet is +137, so this means that for the bet, you need to wager $100 in order to win $137.


Padres RL -1.5 (+110)


Here we have another run line bet. This bet we’re picking the Padres who are favored by 1.5 runs, with a payout of +110. So for this bet, you need the Padres to win by at least two, and, if you win, you get paid out at a 1.1:1 ratio (bet $100 to win $110).


Cardinals ML (-133)


This is another money line bet. However, as you can see above, the White Sox are plus-money in their game which means that they are the underdog. Here we have the Cardinals at negative-money, which means that they are the favorites in their game. So, for this bet, you just need the Cardinals to win the game, and the payout shows us that we need to bet $133 in order to win $100.


Mets-Rays o8.5 (-105)


This is another over/under bet, where we are betting the total runs in the game. Here we need both teams combined to score at least nine runs, which pays out $100 if you bet $105.


Athletics ML (+140)


Nationals ML (+128)


Here we have two more underdog money line bets. So, again, for these, you need to bet $100 in order to win the number in the parenthesis.



Reds ML (-164)


Here we have another money line favorite bet. So, here we are betting the Reds to win the game at -164, which means that you have to bet $164 in order to win $100.


Rays RL -1.5 (-120)


For our last pick of the day, we have the Rays run line. In order to win this bet, the Rays need to win the game by at least two runs, and the payout is $100 when you bet $120.

Those are our very first picks for BBBets. Thank you guys so much for reading this, I hope that it was helpful for anyone who is looking to pick up sports betting, or even if you just wanted to learn a thing or two. As always, please bet responsibly.




Article by: Nick Simonelli



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